Shots Photography is John Washington, photographer and graphic designer.

I was born at a very early age, and at about 7 years discovering that I had some talent for art my parents locked me in a shed until I could draw all the characters from the Beano without using tracing paper.

I studied Foundation Art and Graphic Design between the ages of 16-20 years of age. Somehow or other I ended up in the great british police force for a short 17 years until my passion for all things visual got the better of me.

In 2001 I started a Graphic Design company called Washington Ryan Ltd, together with Leanda Ryan. Whilst successful, the business no longer trades due me becoming more involved with photography (very expensive decision) and Leanda slowly becoming a real web geek.

I am currently doing three things. Firstly, to earn my keep, I shoot weddings, portraits and business stuff, and I am really into informal people photography where things aren’t too posed. Secondly, I am back at university on a journey to see if I can become a lecturer in graphic design. I really enjoy helping others and this would also help me with my own personal creative development. Thirdly, I still love graphics and undertake projects from corporate design through to brochures, you know, all the usual stuff.

My photoblog will eventually become a comprehensive portfolio of work. I have my own style, and my typical clients are people who want informal and graphic shots. I love close up shots of anything, especially people.

So if you feel my style of work suits you and you want good service, give me a call for a chat. If not I hope you enjoy visiting my website to see my work develop.

Head Office:

Shots Photography
21 Bridge Mill Court
Chorley, Lancashire,

Tel: 01204 260937
Mob: 07779 013547




Canon EOS 1DS
Canon EOS D60
Canon Powershot G5
Canon 28-70 L
Canon 70-200 L
Sigma 12-24 wide angle
Canon 550 EX Speedlight
Canon 420 EX Speedlight
Canon ST E2 Transmitter.
Sekonic light meter
Bowens Esprit 2 head monoblocs
Gitzo Reporter tripod
Manfrotto monopod
Lastolight reflectors
Loads of CF cards etc.

2 x Apple G4 with 21 inch monitors
1 x Apple G4 Powerbook
Lacie DVD writer
Lacie 30 gig pocket drive
Maxtor 300 gig external drive
Epson 890 photo printer A4
Epson 2100 photoprinter A3
HP 2100 laserprinter
OKI laserprinter.
Pantone Spyder Monitor Calibrator

Adobe Creative Suite
Quark Xpress
Macromedia Studio MX 2004
Noise Ninja
Various Fred Miranda PS Plugins
Canon Digital Professional
iview media pro
Pixelpost weblog software
Transmit FTP
Lots of other bits and bits and bobs.

Just to let you know that I will be selling prints soon. Please email me for details:
[email protected]

Many thanks to Bolton photographer Ian Littlewood. For help and advice whilst making a transition into photography.

Many thanks to David Nightingale for all his help in many aspect of photography, from camera work to weblogs, a true gent.
Visit his brill site at: