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Free Printable Wedding Invitations Templates with Instruction Videos Now Available introduces free printable wedding invitations templates and online video instructions to assist couples in creating affordable and unique wedding invitations.

New Wedding Planning Guide - Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding
Superb 50 page book on every aspect of how to plan the perfect wedding. It is available as a printed copy or as a download and SilkBouquets tell us it will be available for release in mind June 208

Same-Sex Wedding Expos to be Held throughout California
The national gay & lesbian wedding resource,, has announced that the company will be producing three GLBTQ Wedding & Family Expos in California this summer, in celebration of the May 15th ruling by the state Supreme Court in favor of same-sex marriage. The Expos will also include the Same Love, Same Rights® Mobile Marriage Summit, an interactive forum to motivate and educate attendees about the potential threats to the new legislation, as well as innovative ways to enact real change all across America concerning marriage equality. The Expos will be held in July in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Each event is free for the public to attend.

South Asian Wedding Coordinator Tackles Biggest Event of Her Career.
Local event planner Alpa Patel has made a name for herself among north Texas' Indian community as the premiere wedding planner for traditional Asian weddings.she has spent the last few months planning the biggest event of her career - a 1,500-person wedding spanning three days with a budget approaching nearly $750,000.

Using Color in Digital Photography Tips and Guidelines
Color is a very amazing tool in photography. Unfortunately, many people take it for granted. Because we see everything in color we already take it for granted somewhat. But since the use of color cameras and photographs is so common now its very highly taken for granted. Color can be used very effectively with photographs and setting moods and emotional impacts.

Winter Wedding Accessories
An increasing number of brides are choosing to avoid summer weather worries and are opting instead for a winter wedding, when a little snow, fog or even rain can only add to the romance and atmosphere of the day. Winter weddings are perfect for indulging your magpie-like tendencies and choosing to really sparkle. You could accentuate the magic of the season by incorporating snowflakes in your theme. These beautiful symbols of winter can add a touch of magic to your day in many ways. Or choose to dazzle with ice queen accessories which will melt his heart.

Does Your Wedding Transportation Coordinate With Your Wedding?
It doesn't matter what type of transportation you use for your wedding, as long as you get there in time for the most special occasion of your life. What's important is not how you get there but it's the fact that you get there. But if you can make the "how you get there" part a little fancier, wouldn't it be better?

How You Can Handle Stress From Wedding Planning
If that's how you feel right now, do not worry because you are not alone. Most couples will go through this phase, especially in the last several weeks before the wedding, its almost unavoidable!

Classic Luxury: A Wedding Cruise On A Yacht
A wedding aboard a yacht has a surrealistic classic feel that is refreshing and a departure from the ordinary.

Choosing your dream wedding cake
Choosing your dream wedding cake can be a daunting experience and it is a good idea to narrow down your wedding cake designs to your top three choices, before contacting your chosen supplier. There is also a wide range of wedding cake stands to consider. Most bakeries will provide you with photographs of their previous creations, but you will find it a much easier process if you have already done your research and have a pretty good idea of the design, colour and flavour required. This can be easily achieved by cutting out pictures from magazines, online research and checking out specialist wedding cake websites.

Tips in selecting discount wedding invitations
Your wedding invitation is likely to say all about what your wedding will be like. A wedding invitation must, first and foremost, reflect your wedding theme and motif. Wedding invitations also often serves the purpose of being delightful keepsake.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Jewellery
Wedding is one of the biggest event for bride and groom both. This is generally a onetime affair for people in whole life. Bride and Groom both want to look the best among crowd. Bride is laden with loads of jewellery on her marriage. But do you really know how much tough task it is to choose wedding jewellery for herself and that too in short time duration. Wedding jewellery is generally an asset for woman and coming generations, so women want it to be perfect. They take lots of time to chose their dress and wedding jewellery.

Life After the Wedding: Plan the Perfect Honeymoon
Once the caterers have left, guests have said their goodbyes and the cake has been reduced to crumbs, its time for the most exciting part of the wedding the honeymoon! Try not to stress about this part of the wedding - chances that youve already stressed yourself out to the max during the wedding preparations. The honeymoon offers the two of you a chance to unwind from the madness of the wedding, as well as sealing your newly forged bond.

How to Plan a Wedding Anniversary Party
Want to plan a wedding anniversary party without getting in a panic? Then help is here. A simple list to help you remember everything!

A Promise of love with Irish wedding rings
Wedding is the most special day in ones life and all of us seek to make it as memorable as possible. And if you are one of those couples who have decided to tie the knot, you must be looking for wedding rings that truly symbolize your love and commitment to your partner. In such a case, it is advisable for you to go for the traditional Irish Wedding rings, which is seeped in the rich Irish culture and eloquently symbolizes your deep love for your beloved.

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Famous Quotations For Wedding Speeches
When you are planning your wedding speech, it can be difficult to find that inspiration. What do you say? How do you say it? Here are some quotations about love and marriage that can help inspire you as you begin writing your wedding speech or toast.

Wedding Toast Disasters - Tips So You 'Don't Burn Your Toast'
According to a survey by Modern Bride Magazine, the Best Man's toast is the most stressful event for Brides on their wedding day. For the Best Man and the Father of the Bride, the rule to remember is it's a Toast, not a Roast.

Into The World Of Style And Photography
Fashion photography is ALWAYS in fashion. Although it is mainly dependent on commerce, fashion photography is now considered as an art. Unlike before where fashion photographers see the craft as a source of income, modern fashion photographers see themselves as artists who can invent and reinvent different photo shoot techniques and style.

Love Beyond Borders: Destination Wedding Style Launches Online Travel Resource, Charting the Course for Destination Brides
Destination Style Media launches Destination Wedding Style, ( an online resource for the culturally curious bride and groom with a sophisticated, global and aware aptitude.

Budget Weddings - Create a Beautiful Wedding on a Small Budget
So, you want a gorgeous wedding, but you don't want to spend the rest of your married life paying for it? Well, most of us do. However, 'budget weddings' don't usually stay within budget. There are many ways that you can keep from forking out money that wasn't planned in your budget. Here are a few of them.

Dealing with Problems in Chicago Area Bat Mitzvah Photography
If you should happen to have problems with your Chicago area bat mitzvah photography company, what can you do? Whether the problems occurred before, during, or after the service is irrelevant, but solving whatever problems have happened is imperative. Ideally, you will choose a Chicago area bat mitzvah photography service that is reputable and trustworthy, but sometimes, things happen that are beyond your control and beyond your ability to predict. In those cases, this is what you need to do.

Armed With A Camera: Photographs by Eddie Adams at Monroe Gallery of Photography
A major exhibition of more than 60 photographs that spans the entire range of Adams' legendary career, and includes rare vintage prints from the personal studio collection of Eddie Adams. Opening reception with Alyssa Adams, Eddie Adams' widow, on Friday April 25 from 5 - 7 PM.

The Wedding Guest Attire Guide
The dress of the bride will draw the attention of everyone, but the wedding guest attire will also be important. At such events it is best to be well informed about what to wear and what to avoid, in order to be able to mingle in and feel good at this celebration party. When deciding on your wedding garments, you should be fully informed on where and when the event will take place. The level of formality is also important when choosing the wedding guest attire. All these are essential things to consider as you need to be appropriately dressed. Women and the wedding clothes

A Guide to Wedding Invitations
The wedding date and time has been set, the location for the special event has been finalized, and the decision for the wedding theme – traditional and formal or fun and casual – has been made. Now it's time to take the next step and create wedding invitations that reflect the celebration you've planned and provide the information needed for friends and family to have a pleasant experience as wedding guests.

Consider Amsterdam Hotels For Your Wedding Suite
Getting married is a joyous occasion that should be celebrated with some of the world?s more beautiful cities. Why not consider Amsterdam? Those that are traveling to this city will be able to take full advantage of this cultural experience. The hotel choices are excellent when it comes to a bridal suite as well as the standard romantic getaway. If you plan to celebrate your love in this city, do so by taking some extra time to book a romantic and celebrated hotel suite.

Adorama Camera's '100 in 100' Free Photography Tips Series Debuts Today
AIRC (Adorama Imaging Resource Center) posts the first of 100 tips in 100 days.

Wedding Speeches - Clues, Tricks and Techniques to Wow Your Wedding Audience
How wonderful to be able to express just how you are feeling in your heart to the wedded couple in a well put together wedding speech. To give a speech in front of a crowd for some people can be likened to standing in front of a firing squad without a blindfold. A wedding speech need not be a terrible ordeal for the giver of the speech, if done properly it can be great.

Adorama Camera's '100 in 100' Free Photography Tips Series Enters Seventh Week
AIRC (Adorama Imaging Resource Center) posts the latest of 100 tips in 100 days.

Home Decorators Collection® Offers Exclusive Steven N. Meyers Fine Art X-Ray Photography
For a limited time, Home Decorators Collection® ( offers images only found through their Custom Framing Art Gallery.

Maui: A Prime Wedding Destination
Most visitors to Hawaii would agree that Maui is the most beautiful of all the settled islands there. For your wedding ceremony, for that special day you'll remember for the rest of your lives, there's no better location than Maui.

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