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When to Run Screaming From a Wedding Vendor

If a bride doesn?t have the money for a wedding coordinator, she will have to fend for herself in the vendor world. She can search online and make phone calls, but she will still be racked with anxiety that the vendors she hires will not show up on the big day or worse ? they?ll show up with an embarrassing product or service.

Here are some signs of a bad wedding vendor:

1. No Receipt If a wedding vendor doesn?t provide a receipt for a product, don?t waste your time. Of course an exception to this rule is friends and family who are providing the wedding product or service, but even then you want to be careful. Hire a professional if you don?t know if your friends and / or family are up to the task.

2. Doesn?t supply a clear contract The way a vendor handles the contract is the same way they will handle your wedding day. If a wedding vendor doesn?t provide a contract at all, gives you one that looks like a five-year-old wrote it, or says simply, ?we don?t need one,? that should be a foreshadow of things to come. Anyone who has a legitimate wedding business should be able to provide a quality written, legible contract in a timely fashion.

3. Doesn?t answer your questions If a wedding vendor seems more interested in getting paid than your wedding day, get out and get out now. Don?t expect all wedding vendors to be sensitive and caring to the point of tears, that?s what your parents are for, but do expect them to care about their service to you and your satisfaction. If they brush off your questions or make you feel belittled because you asked them, they will not care about your satisfaction on your wedding day.

4. Bad communication The way wedding vendors answer their phones and return calls and e-mails immediately shows whether a vendor is a winner or not. If you have a hard time getting a hold of them, you don?t seem to understand each other or they don?t speak your same language, get someone else. Plenty of great wedding vendors want your business and you should be patient enough to find that perfect fit like you found your perfect mate.

5. Isn?t willing to meet in person If a wedding vendor isn?t willing to meet in person it can mean a few things. One, their business doesn?t exist; two, they only want your money; three, they are so booked with weddings that they can?t concentrate enough on any single one. Find a wedding vendor who has time for you and understands the importance of meeting in person.

6. Too inexpensive A wedding vendor that is too inexpensive can be more poisonous to your wedding than if a wedding vendor doesn?t show up at all. This is because, usually wedding vendors who charge little show up but perform poorly or get your instructions wrong. Look for the good deal, but be careful.

These bad vendor signs are just a few out of dozens to watch for. Other signs to look for include: The vendor won?t give referrals, he or she treats you poorly, he or she has a shady location with a P.O. Box, or you start seeing hidden fees.

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Renae earned her journalism degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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