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Home Decorators Collection® Offers Exclusive Steven N. Meyers Fine Art X-Ray Photography

St. Louis, MO (PRWeb) November 21, 2006 -- Home Decorators Collection®, leading home furnishings and décor retailer, is proud to offer an exclusive collection of contemporary Steven N. Meyers images of beautiful fine art x-ray photography available for custom framing. This framed wall art is available for a limited time, from November 2006 through February 2007.

Customers can choose to how to frame the exclusive images at Home Decorators Collection's Custom Frame Shop. The extensive collection of frames and a rainbow of mat colors guarantees that the customer will find something to complement any decorating style, including casual, traditional and contemporary.

Radiology professional Steven N. Meyers crafted his science to create beautiful award-winning fine art images using photographic x-rays. His uniquely innovative craft is a major recent trend in fine art photography. Many home decorators are discovering his imagery for the first time, and demand for his distinctive x-ray botanical images continues to grow.

Steven begins with black & white imagery--both positive and negative. Over the years, his imagery has been updated with color. Tinted with shades of ultramarine and sea-foam, the Home Decorators Collection exclusive images plug into the latest color trends in home décor. The framed art prints are great holiday gift ideas for anyone with a wall! These exclusive Steven Meyers images are available only through online purchase from

Steven Meyers Artist Statement
By using x-rays instead of light, an unusual inner vision can be revealed, and Nature shows us textures, details, and shadows that would otherwise not be seen. Visible light is just a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and falls between x-rays and infrared. My x-ray images are a collection of negatives, positives, and solarized images; solarized being partly negative and partly positive at the same time.

In my 25+ years as a radiology technologist, I have experimented with this art form many times. Having been involved with traditional landscape photography for many years, the challenges of this alternative technique were many. I've attempted to create radiographic still life.
About Home Decorators Collection®
Home Decorators Collection® believes that decorating should be a fun and relaxing experience; therefore, it strives to provide high quality merchandise, low prices and convenience. Inspired by people, cultures and designs from around the world, Home Decorators Collection® embraces all styles to bring its customers the best of both new trends and classic traditions. In addition to its catalog and website, retail stores are located in Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. For further information, visit or call 1-800-245-2217 for a free catalog.


This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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