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Online Search For Unusual Wedding Favors

If you are getting married soon, you are probably trying to decide what type of favors you want to give out to your guests.

Some people like to go with the traditional because these are easy to find and don?t need a lot of work. If you want

something truly different, however, you might want to go in search of some unusual wedding favors to make your day a little

more tailored to who you are. There are many great ideas out there, or you can come up with your own.

I went to a wedding once that definitely had unusual wedding favors. The couple had canned applesauce to give out to their

guests. The applesauce was homemade by a family member, and was chosen because they had an October wedding. Where we live,

October is a popular time for apples and other fall like items. These unusual wedding favors were absolutely perfect for

their outdoor wedding high on the hill among the changing fall colors. Yet another friend gave out homemade and canned salsa.

You can search online for some unusual wedding favors. Think of the things

you love, and then do a search for favors and that hobby. For example, if you love to skydive, and it is something you do

often, you might try a search for ?skydive wedding favors?. You may or may not come up with something, but it is worth a

shot. Even a search for unusual wedding favors plus the season (summer, spring, etc.) might yield some interesting results.

If you are still striking out, go to your local craft stores and just look at the things you can buy. Some thing may come to

you while you are browsing. You may even find ideas in Spencer?s or other specialty stores.

You can also think of your own unusual wedding favors if you think hard enough. If you are into gardening, perhaps you might

want to give out pots of flowers. You can buy planters, fill them with soil, and add the seeds you want. You can then give

out your personalized planters with instructions on how to water and take care of the plants. The ideas you can come up with

for unusual wedding favors are limitless. If you can?t seem to come up with anything, give yourself a little time. Something

will probably pop into your mind when you least expect it.

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and write-ups on unusual wedding favors, hobby, flowers related subjects.

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