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Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings: Saying ?i Do? To Cubic Zirconia & Why Your Marriage Will Sparkle For It

When it comes to the rest of your life, money may not make you happy but a lack thereof can certainly cause a damper on your spirits. The affordability factor is just one of the many reasons why some couples are saying ?I Do? to engagement and wedding rings designed in cubic zirconia and sterling silver.

The first step to purchasing a ring is to make sure that you know the receiver?s ring size. The good news is that, even if you order the wrong size, sterling silver rings can be resized by most jewelers. If necessary, you can comfortably resize a sterling silver ring by one size either up or down. If the band is wide enough and the jeweler has experience in working with sterling silver, you may be able to go up or down by two sizes. It?s important to note that wider bands may fit tighter and, depending on the width and gram weight, could result in the need to purchase one size larger than the wearer?s normal size.

Before any vows are exchanged, an engagement has to occur and the selection of a suitable ring is on the mind of many hopeful grooms. For years, gold and diamonds have been the standard for an engagement ring. However, the problem has always been and still remains how to afford an expensive ring if you are on a budget. For many, the answer is sterling silver and the best diamond simulant in the world - cubic zirconia. Like gold, sterling silver is a precious metal and is designed to last a lifetime with the proper care. When it comes to cubic zirconia, only a trained gemologist can tell the difference between a simulant and a genuine diamond with the help of a jeweler?s loop.

There are many benefits to purchasing a sterling silver engagement ring featuring cubic zirconia, including a wider band and larger gemstone combined with a smaller price tag. Sterling silver is more affordable than gold, which means you can purchase a wide band and still get a terrific price. If you prefer a thin band, the price would be even lower. In addition, you will get an impressive cubic zirconia presence for your money. The trick to purchasing cubic zirconia rings is to choose a size that is believable and will prove to be comfortable enough for everyday wear.

When it comes to purchasing sterling silver wedding rings featuring cubic zirconia, there is no shortage on available options. If you choose to purchase polished band rings, you can select either a thin or wide band, polished or textured, etc. Like gold, sterling silver bands can be engraved and are excellent substitutes for white gold or platinum. If you purchase a sterling silver engagement ring and wedding bands to match, you can easily get the look of white gold or platinum and diamonds at a very affordable price.

In addition to traditional wedding bands, sterling silver bridal sets are also manufactured to look just as beautiful as their gold and diamond competitors. Interlocking designs, solitaires and channel set stones are just a few of the many choices available to the happy couple. If you are saying ?I Do,? consider saying it with sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Instead of spending a small fortune on rings to wear on your finger, think about saving the money for a down payment on a house to call your home.

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