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Photo Wedding Invitations - A Refreshing Approach to Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are often overlooked in wedding planning as important because it is a small cost compared to the price of the dress, renting the venue and ordering the catering. However, the wedding invitation should be considered one of the most important aspects of wedding planning because without the invitations, there would be no guests.

Wedding invitations set the tone of a wedding. The colors often match and the theme of the invitation can also reflect the mood and attire of the wedding.

One of the most refreshing and unique options for wedding invitations is to get photo wedding invitations. Couples can choose their own backdrop and theme for their own invitations. Couples can have a western themed invitation by getting a photo out in their favorite nature spot while another couple can get a photo of themselves in Las Vegas before they elope and use it as their Las Vegas wedding announcement. Thus we see that photo wedding invitations can have more creativity than most other wedding invitations.

This is because a photo wedding invitation has a uniqueness that no other invitation company can duplicate. Creating a photo wedding invitation or having a photo wedding invitation professionally printed guarantees that no other couple will have the same invitation and style as another couple.

Photo wedding invitations can also be graphically designed to fit a couple?s style or theme needs. Many couples now are hiring graphic designers to design the photo on their invitation with special graphics or photos or even borders to make the photo invitations even more special.

Photo invitations sometimes have a stereotype as being not the most luxurious option, but now with many photo invitation companies available, wraps, gilclear covers, translucent overlays and ribbons prove otherwise.

Photo invitations also have the option of color changes. Sepia tones give photo invitations an older feel while black and white often give photo wedding invitations an elegant feel. Graphics designers can also touch up any photos to make blemishes and red eyes disappear.

Oftentimes, couples who get photo invitations also purchase photo wedding favors which can be purchased at the same company as the photo invitations and the photo wedding favors are just as unique as the photo wedding invitations.

Photo wedding favors consist of little trinkets to hand to guests but also reception gear like a photo ring bearer pillow, a photo unity candle, and even photo guest books.

photo wedding invitations or photo invitations can be found at

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