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A Moissanite Wedding Set Could Solve Your Wedding Woes

Even with the best planning and preparation, most weddings go over budget. If you find yourself sinking deeper into debt with each passing day, consider an idea that could literally cut thousands from your budget.

Diamonds are the traditional stones for wedding sets, but many couples are choosing to take a less traditional route for trendy and monetary reasons. One of the most popular choices for these couples is choosing moissanite wedding bands.

Moissanite is a mineral substance not so unlike diamond. Most moissanite stones are near colorless (colored stones are a variety of elegant greens) and can actually offer more brilliance than a diamond at a fraction of the cost. Since moissanite is man-made and larger stones are not any rarer than smaller ones, if you choose moissanite you'll be more likely to get the wedding set that you want instead of having to settle for something that you can live with to reduce the strain on your budget.

For Example, a simple diamond wedding set, with small round cut diamonds equaling one carat may cost around $2000. A similar, simple moissanite wedding set will cost about half the price. Imagine what the price difference would add up to with larger stones. For some, budget is not the reason that they ultimately choose to purchase a moissanite wedding set.

Moissanite is known for its "fire" and a brilliance that can actually exceed the diamond. Although diamonds remain the hardest gemstones, moissanite is next on the list, its durability exceeding that of every other stone, meaning that you won't have to worry about your moissanite wedding band being damaged because of daily wear and tear. Most moissanite wedding bands also come with lifetime warranties.

There are some things to consider before purchasing your moissanite wedding set. First of all, moissanite is not entirely colorless and some stones can have a slight grey or green tinge. It's a good idea to examine your wedding set in several types of lighting to ensure that you purchase stones that you are happy with. The green tinged stones can actually be incredibly elegant and your moissanite wedding set could end up becoming an excellent conversation piece.

In addition, although most people love the extra "fire" that moissanite stones produce, some consider it to be too gaudy. In the end it is just a matter of finding the wedding set that you are most comfortable with and that fits not only your finger but your budget and personal style the best. Moissanite wedding sets almost always fit the bill.

Purchasing a moissanite wedding set does not suggest that you or your intended didn't have the money for a "real" diamond so you had to settle for a "fake." Instead, it should say that you weighed your options and went for the wedding set of your dreams. You can spend a few extra dollars on your honeymoon while wearing your moissanite wedding bands proudly knowing that your stones have all the endurance and brilliance, of diamonds. Offers Diamond Hybrid for retailer and wholesaler

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