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101 Las Vegas Wedding Invitation Verses

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world, yet no books tell us what wording to use on a Las Vegas wedding invitation, until now. An e-book titled ?101 Las Vegas Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas? has just been released.

The new Las Vegas wedding invitation book features 13 pages of jam packed wedding invitation verses specifically for couples getting married in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas wedding book was released on September 10th with a promise from it?s author to write a second one.

The second Las Vegas wedding e-book will be released next spring with even more Las Vegas style wedding invitation verses.

The author, VegasWedlock Invitations, is the largest retailer of Las Vegas wedding invitations in the world and they realize the large demand for the Las Vegas wedding wording help since no other company has released such an e-book.

Also, VegasWedlock is offering a $5.00 discount on future orders of any professionally printed Las Vegas wedding invitation when someone purchases the e-book.

The Las Vegas wedding e-book comes in a PDF format, easily read by anyone who owns Adobe Reader or their Internet browser has PDF capabilities.

Here are a few examples from the e-book of Las Vegas wedding invitation verses:

Verse: VW1 We've rolled the dice and hit lucky number 7 So we're being married in Las Vegas! BRIDE and GROOM DATE LOCATION Las Vegas, Nevada

Verse: VW2 What happens in Las Vegas ... Stays in our hearts Join us in Las Vegas! BRIDE Daughter of Bride's parents and GROOM DATE TIME LOCATION Las Vegas, Nevada

Verse: VW3 It could have been the time, Maybe it was the place We thought you should Know in any case We, BRIDE and Groom were married DATE LOCATION in Las Vegas, Nevada

Verse: VW4 We've Eloped! for further details you must attend a Dinner celebration in our honor DATE TIME LOCATION ADDRESS CITY, STATE


Mr. and Mrs. NAMES

Verse: VW5 A Las Vegas weekend turned into the perfect place to say ?I do? So We did!

Announcing the marriage of BRIDE and GROOM on DATE LOCATION CITY, STATE

Verse: VW6 ... and they lived happily Elvis after!

Announcing the union of BRIDE and GROOM on DATE LOCATION CITY, STATE

?101 Las Vegas Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas? can be purchased exclusively at VegasWedlock and can be found online at vegaswedlockinvitations (dot) com.

More free examples of Las Vegas wedding invitation wording can also be found on VegasWedlock?s Web site.

VegasWedlock has the largest selecetion of Las Vegas wedding invitations with over 200 Las Vegas themed wedding invitations available.

Find 101 Las Vegas Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas at

Renae received her BA in journalism from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Find Las Vegas wedding music at

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