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String Quartet vs. Jazz for Your Las Vegas Wedding Music

Las Vegas weddings have been known for their tackiness as long as Las Vegas drive thru weddings have existed, but Las Vegas weddings are quickly becoming more elegant with brides spending more on their Las Vegas nuptials. With this includes their choice of Las Vegas wedding music and Las Vegas wedding musicians.

We spoke with Chandler Judkins, president of Las Vegas Wedding Music, the number one live musician contracting company in Las Vegas and he had a lot to say about a new trend among Las Vegas couples.

?Las Vegas couples aren?t choosing string quartets as much as they used to,? Judkins said. ?Jazz is more of the choice for their Las Vegas wedding music.?

The reason for choosing jazz more than strings for Las Vegas weddings is simple according to Judkins. ?They want something different. That?s usually why they?re getting married in Las Vegas in the first place.?

Strings are still a popular Las Vegas wedding music choice and oftentimes Las Vegas couple will pair up the two, having strings for the ceremony and jazz for the cocktail hour and reception afterward.

A Las Vegas jazz quartet can be the perfect solution to create elegance, class, dancing and swinging, and all at a reasonable price. Las Vegas Wedding Music?s jazz groups start as low as $500 for a few hours, and no minimum time is required. Las Vegas Wedding Music?s musicians often show up to play for a 15 minute wedding ceremony and then go home.

Las Vegas Wedding Music is so flexible with price, timing, groups, song requests list and more because according to Judkins, music is his passion and he wants to share that passion through his company Las Vegas Wedding Music.

?Couples getting married in Las Vegas often don?t realize that live musicians can be contracted for as little as a Las Vegas dj can be hired,? Judkins said. ?Our goal here at Las Vegas Wedding Music is to promote live music. We want our brides to walk down the aisle to the real thing, not a distorted version of ?Canon in D.? ?

Judkins is a professional musician himself and oftentimes plays with the Las Vegas jazz groups. Live sound demos of the Las Vegas string quartet and the Las Vegas jazz groups can be found at Las Vegas Wedding Music?s site: LVWeddingMusic (dot) com.

Las Vegas Wedding Music also offers other Las Vegas wedding music packages for couples getting married in Las Vegas who want something different for their Las Vegas wedding. Singers, harpists, top 40 bands, mariachi groups, impersonators and more are available.

Las Vegas Wedding Music can work with nearly any budget and their packages start as low as $250.

Renae earned her journalism degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Find Las Vegas wedding music at

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