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More Las Vegas Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Wedding invitation wording has been a dilemma for centuries, but now it is even more complicated for those getting married in Las Vegas.

Many couples getting married in Las Vegas have to deal with many more questions about the wording for their Las Vegas wedding invitations like ?How can I invite my loved ones without making them feel obligated to travel?? or ?How can I announce our Las Vegas wedding and tell them just to think about us that day?? These Las Vegas wedding invitation questions will be answered today in the lines below.

First, let?s distinguish between a Las Vegas wedding invitation and a Las Vegas wedding announcement. Both can look exactly the same, but it is the wording a couple chooses to print that makes them different. A Las Vegas wedding invitation is just that. It invites loved ones to your wedding or to ?think about you.? While a Las Vegas wedding announcement can be used for the Las Vegas wedding elopers after their nuptials have been said, it is also quite practical to send out a Las Vegas wedding announcement to those who are not invited to the wedding, or to those who are invited to a reception before or after the wedding.

Let?s get right down to the nitty gritty of the Las Vegas wedding wording now. Here are some different choices of Las Vegas wedding invitation wording for different situations a couple getting married in Las Vegas might find themselves in.

1. If a couple getting married in Las Vegas only wants a few loved ones to travel, but wants to let even more people know about their wedding, the appropriate Las Vegas wording might be as follows:

The daughter of Bride?s Parents Are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter Bride to Groom Son of Groom?s Parents We ask to be in your thoughts As the nuptials are hosted in Las Vegas. On Date Time

2. If a couple is having a local reception before or after Las Vegas wedding, the following Las Vegas wording might be appropriate:

Bride And Groom Rolled a lucky seven and are marrying in Las Vegas On Date You are invited to attend a local reception held in their honor On Date Time Location

3. For invitations specifically for family meant to travel, wording can be as follows:

Boy met Girl in Las Vegas. For the rest of the story, join us on DATE at TIME LOCATION ADDRESS Las Vegas, Nevada when BRIDE and GROOM will be pronounced husband and wife

4. For Las Vegas couples who have eloped:

Making their friendship so true after great times and happiness, they?ve said ?I do!?

BRIDE and GROOM were married on DATE Las Vegas, Nevada

5. Las Vegas style wording:

Our relationship began there, A Vegas wedding is a must. After a loving courtship, Its each other we love and trust.

BRIDE and GROOM will marry on DATE Las Vegas, Nevada

For more Las Vegas style wording go to vegaswedlockinvitations (dot) com

If you haven?t found the perfect Las Vegas wedding style invitation wording, don?t fret. You?ll think of it soon if it doesn?t cross your path. Remember that you can always choose traditional wording with a Las Vegas themed wedding invitation which can be found at vegaswedlockinvitations (dot) com.

In the mean time, good luck and Viva Las Vegas.

Renae C. Judkins earned her journalism degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Those who wish to visit the only Las Vegas wedding invitation company in the world can go to

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