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How To Theme Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

So you?re getting married! In the midst of everything, you are faced with the question: what about the flowers?

It?s easier than you think. Here are seven steps to making it easy for you to manage this:

First, go back to your motif or wedding theme. If it?s a color, you already have narrowed down the choices. If it?s a theme, that would also have colors in it and a classification, too.

Second, do some research. Ask your friends, especially the married ones. Look into magazines and books. Go online and see what?s out there. Find out what flowers are locally grown too.

Third, go to florists. They have catalogues of their best works, not to mention a deeper knowledge of what is in style and, more importantly, what?s in season (flowers in season are cost less).

Fourth, check out your venues and see how it can be accented. Bring a friend or your florist for this, if you?ve already chosen one. Make sure you discuss flowers for the altar or chupah (if it?s a religious ceremony) and the backdrop (if the venue allows this); also talk about the runners down the aisle, the pew accents, and the entrance arrangements.

For the reception, if it?s a separate venue, make sure that your flowers and arrangements are consistent with the ceremony. Do not forget that special placement on the bridal table. Miniatures of this can be placed as centerpieces on the dining tables for the guests. You also have to make sure that there are flowers and decorations for the cake table, entrance, walls and backdrop. If you?ve chosen a garden reception, that already takes care of the surroundings so you?ll just have to think of the tables.

Fifth, look at the ladies in your entourage and the gowns. Find what kind of arrangements fit the cut. The flower girls usually get baskets of petals and cut flowers. This can be accented with balloons and confetti. The bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids get smaller bouquets. Some designs permit single stems with bows for them. Sponsors and mothers can have a pick of corsages on the bodice or wrist, hip accents or bag blooms. As for you, dear bride, don?t skimp on your bouquet ? all attention will be on you and what you?re holding. Just make sure it?s not too heavy and it?s comfortable to carry.

And don?t forget to consider hair accessories ? flowers, gems and combs are the usual pick.

Sixth, turn your attention to the men in your entourage. They get boutonnieres made of single buds of the same flowers from the bouquets.

Seventh, do not limit yourself to flowers! You can rent plants. You can also use candles for accents (it also adds to the romantic feeling). Balloons can also be used for highlights especially for the flower girls, the place settings and the backdrop ? especially if you are not using a religious place. For the flowers for the entourage, you can add gems and colored beads to add a little sparkle.

Simple? Sounds like it. When you really get into it, you?ll appreciate the help you can get from your friends, your mom and your florist. In this whole celebration, you?re the manager with the final decision BUT you?ve got friends, family and the internet ? ready and willing to help you on little things, like?deciding on the flowers.

Tom Takihi is the proud owner of the Discovery Network. For more information on this topic, please visit the dedicated portal website.

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