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Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies – Keeping Your Guest Comfortable

According to a survey conducted in 2003 by Bride's magazine, 15% of all couples choose an outdoor wedding, and that trend is growing. But with a all of the beauty and simplicity that an outdoor wedding brings, it also brings added anxiety from the force known as Mother Nature. Inevitably, the question on everyone's mind will be: What is the weather going to do?

So you plan contingency plans for everything. If it may rain the day before, have flat shoes ready for yourself and all of your bridesmaids. If it may rain the day of, have emergency tents ready to put up. But how do you prepare for heat and possibly humidity?

Heat is a tricky issue to deal with. Bringing in electrical fans may not be an option (depending on the ceremony site electricity may not be available), and if it is, is it really a viable option. With fans comes an unwanted décor element, not to mention loud noise that may cause background noise on your wedding video!

Now you're asking yourself, what am I going to do? The answer is simple, and very cost effective. Incorporate a heat relieving solution into your ceremony by making hand fans out of your ceremony programs.

Step 1: Design and print your programs so that your ceremony information and events are evenly distributed on 2 sheets of paper, or, in a pinch, use your already printed programs and do the cutting yourself.

Step 2: Go to your local craft store to find a craft stick. The craft stick will become the handle for your fan. Craft sticks usually come in a plain wood color, however, you can match the color of the stick to your wedding theme with a simple visit to your local hardware store to buy spray paint that is complementary to your ceremony.

Step 3: Place your program pages back to back, with the craft stick sticking out from the bottom, and glue everything together. We recommend using a glue stick so the glue does not damage the program paper or alter its appearance.

Step 4: Decorate! After the glue has dried decorate the fans with satin ribbon, glitter, stickers or pre made bows. To add an extra special touch, use personalized ribbon that has your names and wedding date printed on it.

Voila! Your guests will each have their own personal NOISELESS fans to beat the heat, and you, will not have to compromise the beauty of your décor.

Venessa Regali has a background in marketing, she received her MBA from Seton Hall University in 2002. She writes informative pieces for her website

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