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Wedding Reception; From Trendy to Traditional

Wedding receptions are not as formal as they once were, more and more couples are foregoing the expensive catered wedding receptions and coming up with some innovative ideas on how to throw them.

Wedding receptions were traditionally held at the house of the parents of the bride, or in another part of the church, or a rented hall. It was a mark of your class to show how much one could spend on a wedding, and the reception had to be the shindig of the year.

Now couples are opting to have potlucks in the park or barbeques on the beach. If you choose an outdoor reception, you will need to have a contingency plan if bad weather should occur.

One couple had their wedding reception underwater. Not just the ceremony, but also the whole reception! Others choose mountaintops or theme receptions. (Outer space, Hawaiian, and renaissance are popular)

Non-alcohol wedding receptions have become a popular alternative to the traditional get snookered at the reception days of yore.

You can have a great wedding reception with a little planning and budgeting. The normal budget for a wedding reception should be about 30% of your wedding costs. Probably the most expensive cost of a wedding reception is the hall rental, decorations, and food service.

Another popular reception is the theme-based reception. Reception themes are a great way to personalize your reception. Reception themes can be based on personality, individual characteristics, hobbies, hopes, and dreams. Other possibilities could be themes based on a popular movie, sports, etc. The options are endless for planning a theme-based reception. Choosing themes like beach themes, Mexican fiestas, or a toga party is simple and the food is relatively inexpensive and easy.

Whichever you choose for your wedding reception, keep it simple, keep a sense of humor, and enjoy your special day. Listed below are resources to get you started on planning your wedding reception.

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