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Arizona Wedding Reception

The Arizona Inn is just the place that you are looking for if you seeking for neat and well-cared for lawns and trees combined with lush gardens and a serene view. Apart from that, this inn is also filled with fragrances of roses and oranges as well as eye-catching fountains. There is no doubt on the exquisiteness of the Arizona Inn, having won numerous hotel awards in addition to being a host to many of Arizona's best wedding receptions. In fact, its prestige extends to being named one of the top 50 small hotels in the US based on the Zagat survey. In this venue, you can definitely plan for a romantic wedding reception as their reception halls are uniquely designed with French doors, antiques and high-beamed ceilings. This is the reason why your wedding reception at the Arizona Inn will be an event that will never be forgotten.

If you are seeking for a good city venue for a wedding reception in Arizona, then you should consider the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix. This hotel offers attractive well-designed interiors with outstanding services as well as 342 rooms and suites available for your wedding guests. Apart from that, the proximity of this venue to the city and the airport makes it convenient for guests from out of town. Furthermore, this venue is also splendid for guests who may want to access shopping locations within the city. For the wedding reception, the Crescent Ballroom in this hotel has a capacity of up to 1000 guests while the Phoenix Garden and Patio is suited for outdoor wedding parties for up to 500 guests.

For couples seeking a location with a splendid backdrop, then the Amara Creekside Resort would be a perfect choice. Surrounded by creations of Mother Nature with stone hills and pines amidst sunny and bright weather, the Amara Creekside Resort is suited for a wedding reception of romance and beauty. Apart from having a comprehensive list of menu items to choose from, the Amara caters to indoor wedding receptions in their Meditation Room, as well as picturesque outdoor weddings in the Oak Creek Courtyard.

Arizona is indeed a place that is full of beautiful and romantic wedding reception sites complete with full services on wedding planning. Beautiful locations require advanced bookings as they will always be in great demand. Therefore, it is essential to start your explorations now, in order to get the best wedding reception location to create the wedding of your dreams!

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