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Ditching a Wedding

John's cousin, Grace, is getting married in Liverpool, UK and he lives in Glasgow, UK. He does not really want to attend the wedding, weddings and such are just not his idea of a fun Saturday. He has already spent time and attended all the functions and parties over the last month that family and friends have had to congratulate her and he wants this weekend for himself.

The big problem is that he has a planned fishing trip with the guys on the same weekend as his cousin's wedding. He has never missed this fishing trip in the last ten years and he doesn't want to start now.

He decides to head to the internet and see if he can come up with any good ideas to ditch this wedding and still save face. He begins to look for UK online florists that will deliver flowers from Glasgow, UK to Liverpool, UK.

Wow, there are florist that can deliver some nice flower arraignments and bouquets. There were so many choices from bouquets, plants, gifts sets, and even a way of creating your own unique flowers and style.

There were many wonderful choices to consider such as the Classic Charm Basket which is a nice basket filled with scented Freesia, Alstroemeria, Carnations and Chrysanthemums, Timeless Tradition Wrap which is an elegant display of a mix of Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Alstroemeria and Asiatic Lilies, and the Hot Tropical Hand-tied with a mix of tropical flowers and Sunflowers.

He even searched through the gift sets that he could have delivered from Glasgow, UK to Liverpool, UK and he found some very unique ideas such as the Sunbeam Chocolate Surprise which is created with beautiful summer flowers and delightful Maison Fougère chocolates and the Summer Punch & Bubbly Gift Set which uses summer flowers and Veuve Ricotteau Brut which would be perfect for the bride and groom.

He could even choose and create his own flower arraignments and then add balloons, chocolates, or champagne. Now, to decide what would be best. He wanted to send his cousin something nice that she would enjoy and make missing her wedding smooth over easily.

Her favorite flowers had always been tropical and her honeymoon was planned for Aruba, so he chose the Hot Tropical Hand Tied, but he also chose chocolates and champagne. Ordering the flowers and gifts were a breeze, he placed his order online with the UK floral shop and the flower arraignments and gifts were delivered in plenty of time for Grace to enjoy them before the wedding ceremony.

Grace was happy with the flowers and John was happy on the lake fishing with the guys all because of the online UK florist.

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Natalie Aranda is a freelance writer. She spent a summer in UK in 1998. She enjoyed the online shopping experience with florist in Birmingham and Birmingham flower shops for London flower delivery and Glasgow flower delivery

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