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Wedding Colors

Is it to be a summer wedding or winter wedding? Do you have a particular favourite color? Does the bridegroom have a pathalogical dislike for a certain color?

These are all important questions when deciding your wedding color scheme. The color you decide on will influence your dress color, the grooms outfit, the decoration at the reception, your flowers, the bridesmaid dresses........need I go on?

It is one of the most important decisions you will make about this special day.

If you dont already have an idea of colorscheme then if you have a reception venue already booked or in mind then consider any strong colors that may be already in situ.

If your are marrying on a beach then an un-changable color there is blue!! If it is a winter wedding in a tree filled setting then green would be a consideration. These are suggested mearly as starting points and should you choose a beach location with a forest background then there would be no need to involve blue and green!!

The time of year can also give suggestions for a color scheme. Summer suggests pastel shades of blue and pink while spring is more green and yellow. Fall is a time of orange and browns to reflect the colors of the trees and winter can be made to feel warmer with burgundy,forest green and white. (Think snow, mulled wine and pine trees rather than Santa Claus!!!)

Your color scheme can be complimented by your dress. Many brides prefer the more traditional white, ivory or cream. Fortunately these colors lend themselves to the majority of colorschemes and so dont affect the choice of color too much. Your bouquet can be the accent of your outfit that ties in with your chosen color.

The grooms shirt, tie, cravat or buttonhole can be used as the method of adding the accent color to his outfit.

Bridesmaids dresses can be in shades of the main color scheme or a contrasting color.

As you can see the main colorscheme can be included in main ways without being completely over powering. The choice of color is vast but consideration to location, time of year and you and your partners personal choice should be taken.

I once saw a bride in a gorgeous red wedding dress and she looked stunning. The only negative point was when she had her veil down her face took on the color of a tomato!!

A wedding I only heard about had the bride in black and the groom in a white tux!!

What ever color you choose, for what ever reason I hope you are delighted with how your day turns out.

Lorna Mclaren has an website where you can gather infomation on how to arrange your special day from the comfort of your own home!

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