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Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

An outdoor wedding reception can be host to an almost unlimited number of guests and has the aura of nature that can never be duplicated in an indoor ballroom. Some of the following outdoor wedding reception ideas should help to get you started with planning this special day, including avoiding some of the dangers involved with an outdoor setting.

One of the great advantages of outdoor wedding receptions is the cost. If you have your own suitable parcel of land, you can save thousands of dollars over the rental of a reception hall. Even renting someone else's private land for the event is generally cheaper than a ballroom.

Hosting an outdoor wedding reception at a public park is not recommended because public parks are just that: public. It can be difficult to control who will and will not end up wandering around eating the hors d'oeuvres. There is plenty of private acreage for rent just about anywhere, quite suitable for a large outdoor wedding reception. This allows you more managed access to the event.

A great thing about the outdoors is that you can have games and entertainment that wouldn't be possible indoors. Outdoor games such as horseshoes and croquet are always a hit and can help to keep the younger guests occupied and out of trouble.

The one thing you simply can't control is the weather. Outdoor wedding receptions are always at risk of being caught up in a storm. Plan for rain, hope for rain, even pray for rain! This way, the worst streak of bad luck will result in a beautiful, sunny day. Set up plenty of sheltered space to ensure adequate coverage from the elements. Even if the weather stays clear, large canopy tents provide your guests with some relief from the sun.

Even when the sky is beautiful, any open space is subject to being hit by gusts of wind. Assume that anything able to blow around, will. Some things to keep in mind are tablecloths, napkins, disposable cups and plates, centerpieces, seating arrangement cards, and SCENTS from trash cans, neighboring pig farms, etc.

Supply bug spray and sunblock for your less-prepared guests. Perhaps a small booth off to one corner of the lot could be dedicated to this task. Citronella candles around the perimeter can also be quite effective in this regard.

Distribute a large number of trash receptacles throughout the outdoor wedding reception area. Guests are more likely to pick up a fluttering plate or napkin when they are near a place to discard it. You will also want hire an attendent whose sole job is to patrol the site and keep things stocked up and litter-free.

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