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How to Save on Wedding Catering Services

If you're not being able to pay for a wedding catering service to fully cater your event you can save with some low-cost ideas. If presented with flair, even the simplest of foods can be special. Don't forget about the wedding cake and the beverages. As a rule of thumb, buffets are cheaper than sit-downs because of less staff needed by the catering service.

Here are four ideas that can help save on the catering services.

1. Salad Luncheon/Reception
If the wedding is late morning you can provide a wonderful salad luncheon. It's cheaper than a sit-down meal and you can offer a wide selection of salads with salads dressings, fruits and breads.

2. Hors d'oeuvres Reception - Deli/Party Trays Reception
This event is best placed between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM or after an evening wedding. Light finger foods should be provided, like fruit and vegetable platters, chips and dips, and crackers. You can also provide more substantial foods like meat and cheese trays, oysters, shrimp cocktails chicken wings and egg rolls.

3. Decadent Dessert Reception or Dessert Party
It's appropriate between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM and after an evening wedding. An extensive assortment of rich desserts should be served, and beverages like coffee and tea.

4. A Simple Cake and Punch Reception
As long as it's not during meal time you can let your guests serve cake. You can have a simple and elegant cake and punch reception. The planning should be for the mid morning, afternoon or after an evening wedding. You should make sure that your guests are informed in time that they will not receive a full meal.

There are a lot more ideas that you can find online about how to reduce the cost on the wedding catering services and still have an enjoyable event, just search on google and you'll see.

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