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Journey of Wedding Photography in Seattle

Like in the rest of America, it wasnt until the 1940s 50s that brides and grooms began to hire wedding photographers in Seattle. Before this, hiring wedding photojournalists for your wedding in Seattle was not very common. In fact, most weddings saw a relative or friend of the bride or the groom moving around with bulky cameras that featured heavy lighting equipment.

However, with the transformation in the size of the cameras, there was a major transformation in the world of photojournalism. This was especially evident after the world war, when most photojournalists were left with very few things to report. Thus, they took up reporting celebrity news. Wedding photographers captured celebrities at their weddings, and earned quite well. Celebrity magazines further encouraged wedding photojournalism and this trend spread all over America including Seattle.

Today, most people prefer hiring professional wedding photojournalists to capture memorable moments from their wedding. Over the years, not only the demand and the charges of wedding photojournalists in Seattle have increased but also the quality of work that they have been producing has greatly improved.

There is also a drastic change in the Seattle Wedding Photography as compared to the yester years. This is not only because of the fact that there has been a tremendous amount of development in the kind of technology that is used in the latest digital cameras but also because of the wedding photographers personal style also affects the pictures that are captured.

Earlier, the Seattle wedding photographers concentrated more on a structured type of wedding photography. In the sense, that most photographers captured pictures when the bride and the groom expected to be captured and were all ready for the photograph. However, today, the wedding photographers capture photographs of moments that are precious and that you would cherish all your life; and, when you least expects the wedding photographer to capture you.

This freedom that the wedding photojournalists have today, allows them to create a spectacular album of your Seattle wedding photographs for you. Although, there are times when the wedding photojournalists end up breaching upon your privacy, especially if you are a celebrity and have your wedding photographs flash all over the papers and magazines.

Nonetheless, the wedding photographers in Seattle are quite professional and in most cases there is contract that you sign with them. This contract renders details about the amount you would be expected to pay for being photographed on your wedding night and other such details. Other than this, although your relationship with the photographer would be extremely professional, it is fact that most wedding photographers are friendly so as to ensure both the bride and the groom are comfortable. Other than this, the wedding photojournalists are trained and understand well the nuances of wedding photography. Thus, you can expect pictures that are spectacular and brilliantly captured.

So on your Seattle wedding day, instead of having your uncle capture memorable moments of your wedding, you might as well hire a professional wedding photographer to capture you with everybody else including that uncle.

About the Author: The author writes articles on Wedding Photography in Seattle. For more information about seattle wedding photography, seattle wedding, seattle photographers and wedding photojournalism can be found on the net. Visit

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