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Wedding Favors: Terrific Tabletop Freebies For Your Guests

Our Favorite Favors: Terrific Tabletop Freebies for Your Guests

Sugared almonds are no longer such a sweet treat and personalized matchbooks long ago lost their flare. Today's couples are opting for more inventive, one-of-a-kind items to place near guests' place cards. If you're looking for fun and alternative favor options, look no further- we've compiled a list of the top twenty!

1. Edible menus: with a dark chocolate background and white chocolate lettering, this delicious bill of fare is sure to delight.

2. A "candy bar": another tasty option is to set up a candy bar at the reception. Fill glasses with jelly beans, chocolates, caramels, and lollipops and let guests load their goody bags.

3. Potted plants: who needs a floral centerpiece when the favors serve as setting enough? Herbs like basil and thyme are terrific, as are flowers like African violets or miniature roses.

4. Christmas ornaments: if you plan to wed this winter, add to your guests' tree adornment with this adorable token.

5. Bottles of bubbly: many websites, like and, now give couples the opportunity to personalize bottles of beer, wine, and champagne. Sparkling cider and root beer make great gift alternatives for guests under 21.

6. Homemade treats: cookies, cupcakes, jams, and jellies are all excellent endowments. Attach your family's recipe for added enjoyment.

7. Photo coasters: guests can preserve their wedding memories, or other fun photos, in clear glass coasters.

8. Water bottles: wet your guests' whistles with personalized or monogrammed water bottles.

9. Honey pots: straight from the hive, party goers will delight in these bee-utiful bottles of sugary goodness.

10. Olive oil: add a little spice by pairing a small bottle of oil with a tasty jarred herb.

11. Music from the heart: compile a CD of romantic songs (particularly ones that you've requested be played at the reception) for your guests' listening pleasure.

12. Miniature frames: small picture frames can double as escort card holders, and they can hold party goers' memories long after the party is over.

13. Fortune cookies: these neat treats can be dipped in chocolate or fruity flavors and hold any clever message you'd like.

14. Scented candles: light the night with fragrance and romance.

15. Playing cards: odds are, guests will have tons of fun with these personalized party favors.

16. Program fans: keep your guests cool during the ceremony and afterward by attaching your wedding program to a pretty fabric or wicker fan.

17. Tea time: treat guests to your favorite type of tea by presenting them with small bags to enjoy.

18. Cookie cutters: carved into cute shapes like hearts or lips, these favors will be a real party pleaser.

19. Special scrapbooks: bestow these blank books to guests, but add a personalized thank-you note on the last page.

20. A delightful donation: if you're opting to donate to a charity in lieu of wedding favors, why not give your guests a small token to remind them of how they can contribute as well? If your donation has gone to the ASPCA, PETA, or another animal organization, attach a dog biscuit (real or in cookie shape). Or if breast cancer awareness is your cause, tie a pink ribbon to a card with your charity's website information.

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