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Stress-Free Wedding 10 Things to Remember

10 Things to Remember for a Stress-Free Wedding

You're counting down to the happiest day of your life. But sometimes it feels as though the world is falling apart. Half of your guests haven't returned their RSVP, you're late for your third dress fitting in two weeks, and the caterer has just called to tell you that they're no longer able to offer chicken marsala. It's easy to get lost in the frenzy of wedding planning, but it's important to remember what really matters. You've found the love of your life and you're about to start a life together. So when the going gets tough, try to tackle your tasks in a more tranquil way. Here are few helpful hints.

You don't have to invite everyone you've ever met. Sure, your immediate family needs to share in your special day. But you won't lose your job by excluding the co-workers you barely know, and your cousin Jill will still be on speaking terms with you, even if you don't invite the latest in her string of boyfriends.

Don't let your size weigh on you. Wear a wedding gown that you'll look great in no matter what. Crash dieting to fit into a dress two sizes too small will only decrease your already depleting energy. If you eat healthy and exercise, you may lose a few bonus pounds and you'll look fit and fabulous on the big day.

Accept that your perfect day might not go perfectly. It may rain, the limo may get stuck in traffic, or you may get a blemish the size of Texas on your nose. These things are out of your control. Worrying about them ahead of time will only makes them worse. Just remember that rain on your wedding day is the sign of a long and happy marriage, that you got a great deal on the limo, and that you'll be wearing a veil half the day anyway, so who's really going to notice a little skin imperfection?

An innocent mistake does not justify your angry meltdown. Kindness is an expression of your love and compassion for others. This includes your sister, who broke a few crystals off of your tiara while attempting to "really make it shine". She was only trying to help. Some super glue and a steady hand will fix your hairpiece, but it's not as easy to repair a broken friendship.

Respect others' time and energy and they'll respect you in return. You didn't just steal from your maid of honor by adding the "something borrowed" to your permanent jewelry collection. You also cheated her by asking if she could pick up your dress from the seamstress, the favors from the craft shop, and your creepy cousin at the airport. While it's okay to delegate certain responsibilities, don't ask the wedding party to do it all- or you and your groom may find yourselves alone at the altar!

Overindulgence is a waste of time and money. And trying to create the fanciest wedding your friends have ever seen can be extremely taxing. Yes, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime, special event. Go for the more expensive dress and the swing band that you both love, but perhaps don't buy the twelve-tiered wedding cake or the mini champagne bottle favors just because they're "so chic". You'll more than likely find that you've broken the bank on things that will only last the day.

Compromise is key. You've always dreamed of a sunset ceremony on the coast. Your fianc? says he wants Elvis to marry you at Graceland. This is your big day. You don't need to give in, but you do need to be open and honest about the things that matter most. Agree to exchange vows on the beach and honeymoon in Graceland.

Loose lips will only add to your anxiety. Just because one of your bridesmaids dyes her hair bright red two weeks before the wedding doesn't give you the right to refer to her as "carrot top" when she's not around. On the day of the ceremony, tell the stylist to give her a classy up-do with a few flowers in her hair to cover up most of the color. Badmouthing won't make her blond again.

Give thanks...and do it quickly. Plan to write a thank-you note for each of your gifts within 48-hours of receiving them. If you get a lot of gifts in a short amount of time, say at a shower or reception, tackle ten thank-yous at a time. Breaking up the long list lets you relax while still appearing gracious.

Don't stress about his stag night. As a bride-to-be you've almost certainly fantasized about what will transpire at your groom's bachelor party. But remember that you're his ultimate fantasy. He wouldn't be marrying you otherwise. So stay cool and have a great night of your own with the girls.

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