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Wedding Theme Ideas

For a couple beginning the wedding planning process, the options for wedding theme ideas can be overwhelming. A wedding theme can be a fun reflection of the personalities of a couple or it can be elegant and classic. When selecting from wedding theme ideas, it is important to keep in mind the venue location, the guest list and the d?cor you wish to use to ensure a memorable celebration of your marriage. Whether a couple would like to have a unique theme or a traditional feel, there are many different options for wedding themes that can fit the personality of any couple.

Beach Themes

Beach themes can be both fun and elegant with the many d?cor and venue options that work well with a beach or ocean themed celebration. Classic ocean hues are excellent options for a color pallet. The use of sand, decorative shells, star fish and even live fish are fun ways to extend your theme. Taking your venue into consideration while choosing your d?cor is very important. If your wedding is in a traditional church, your beach theme is best carried out in your reception. If you have selected a seaside outdoor venue, playing off the already beautiful atmosphere can be enhanced by using paper lanterns, brightly colored flowers and shells or beach rocks to line your aisle.

Alma Mater

Thankfully for many college sweethearts, many more options for tactfully including your alma mater in your wedding day plans is becoming easier with more product options available. There are several classy options for adding a little piece of your history as a couple in to your special day. Consider not destroying the color pallet you?ve had in mind since day one of wedding planning by using alma mater colors at a minimum, such as an insignia of the schools name written in white on your cake or using the school song as your entry song to your reception.

Environmentally Friendly

Going green is no longer just a trend, it is becoming a requirement of some bride?s and grooms. When considering wedding theme ideas, going environmentally friendly can be a way of bringing the freshest, local food and flowers to your celebrations. You can also consider using recycled paper products when possible, especially with invitations and d?cor. The options for going green can make a statement or be an underlying intent by the couple. An additional benefit to going green is that at times there can be a cost benefit to the products you select by choosing environmentally conscious, local resources.

Color Themes

If you are known for a signature color, it can be a fun way to share your personality with your wedding party guests. Wedding theme ideas often generate color selections based on a color pallet preference of the bride or groom or both, but the color itself can be your theme. Having a customized drink for your guests with infrequently used colors of green or blue is a popular option. Swathing the wedding and reception site in fabrics, flowers and lights in your chosen color will set the theme for your day. However, depending on your color choice, you should be ready to compromise. If you are set on tinting the frosting of your cake in your signature pretty pink color, then a chocolate frosted grooms cake may be a great compromise.

When selecting from the long list of wedding theme ideas, it is important for it to be a collaborative decision. Much of the remaining decisions from a wedding planning perspective hinges on the theme choice, so this decision should be made carefully. Whether you are planning to go traditional with your wedding theme or you wish to show off your personality, there are many creative wedding theme ideas to choose from.

For more help and advice planning your wedding take a look at For A Wedding, and for more wedding theme ideas take a look at Unique wedding themes.

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