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Trashing of the Wedding Dress...

Trashing the dress? Heard of this new concept? There is this new ?tradition? some like to call it where Brides quite literally trash their dresses!! There are the flowers, the people, the places. However, recently one more piece has crept onto this list of Weddings ?To Do?s?: What is the bride going to do with her dress after the ceremony? Preserve it, or give it away? Nope? neither! She is going to destroy it!

The past year Wedding Professionals have seen an increase of a cheerfully damaging post-wedding ritual: the trashing of the Wedding dress.

This is a photo shoot in which the bride models her beautiful Wedding gown while romping around in the forest climbing trees or in the mud covered in it all, in the water of an ocean or a lake, climbing up a fire latter?s, rolling in the sand or even paint, riding horses or sitting on hay bells.

These sessions take place after the Wedding ceremony is done. The Groom is usually not around, he can be, but most of the time it is for the Bride to ?let go? and release and just become very artistic. In the end, the Bride is a mess but the pictures look fantastically artistic.

Trash of the Wedding dress is defiantly for those ?Rebel Brides.? A Classical Bride probably should not do this if they are very traditional people because although you can have your dress dry-cleaned, sometimes things happen where stains wont come out and something may get ripped in the process of taking the pictures.

There's something both fascinating and distressing about the idea of a bride wrecking her expensive gown. As a culture in America, we are really obsessed with Weddings. I mean have you ever seen the TV show Bridezilla? Hello!! These women are crazy! So in a sense I wonder how people can end up trashing these extremely expensive dresses. And in the same sense, I think its great that this is a new fad because it allows people to just unwind from the pressure of planning a Wedding which is quite similar to therapy!

Dress trashing seems like a potential way out of the loop, a temper tantrum designed at the restraining rules of bridal womanliness making it an unforgettable experience.

I would say to all Brides to do it, even if you?re the Classical and Traditional kind of Bride. Just try it. Trashing the dress doesn?t always have to be mud and ocean water. It can be sitting on a horse and getting a few horsehairs on your dress. Really, it can be painless. It?s all about being creative, and showing off what you love, example like if you like horses. It?s about your attitude and how you artistically want to portray it. Every Bride I have done it for just loves the outcome. Because years and years later when they have still never ever seen their dress because they dry-cleaned it and packaged it up, they still know that they got every dime out of that dress, to be beautiful in and to be their self?s in. It feels like a freedom of some kind. So do it and let me know how it goes.

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