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You're Unique ? So Why is Your Wedding Cake Topper Boring?

Your wedding is approaching and you've thought of everything. You've booked an interesting venue for your ceremony and reception. You've chosen music that reflects your personality. You have a wedding cake that is gorgeous, with beautiful red frosting roses cascading down the sides.

But, wait, what's that standing on top of your beautiful cake? That's not a bride and groom figurine standing stiffly arm-in-arm, looking more like they're ready for a trip to the dentist rather than a trip down the aisle, is it?

Could it be you've chosen a boring wedding cake topper?

The truth is the wedding cake is one of the things people remember most about weddings. And, other than the couple getting married, the wedding cake is one of the most photographed objects at the wedding. Why? Because it represents this joyous event. And, the topper represents the two people joining their lives together.

Back in your parents and grandparents days there wasn't much in the way of great choices for wedding cake toppers. You had the standard, rigid couple with the serious expressions. Of course, back then weddings were more standard. Today, weddings can be anything you want them to be, from saying "I Do" while jumping out of an airplane to a formal church wedding. And, with that break from one-size-fits-all weddings came the need for a break from the standard, boring wedding cake topper.

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

You may not know it, but a "funny wedding cake topper" is very much in demand. These can range from the bride "fishing" the groom in with a rod and reel, to the couple eating wedding cake while sitting on top of the cake. One type of funny wedding cake topper gaining popularity is the rubber duckies wedding cake toppers, with one duck wearing a tuxedo and the other a wedding veil. And, if you search hard enough on the internet, you may also be able to find bride and groom Pez dispensers to use as wedding cake toppers.

Photo Wedding Toppers

The little figurines don't look enough like you? No problem. Use a photo frame wedding cake topper. Choose a photo that really represents the two of you as a couple. If you have a favorite thing you both like to do, such as hiking or skiing, you can choose a photo of you doing those things you like. This type of wedding cake topper is also a great choice for interracial and same-sex couples.

Mix and Match Topper Separates

Mix and Match Toppers are what the title suggests, grooms and brides that you can mix and match, which is another great choice for interracial and same-sex couples. This type of choice is also good for couples which have varying interests, such as a golf-obsessive groom.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Monogram wedding cake toppers with crystal studs are an elegant topper, perfect for formal or semi-formal weddings. You could choose a single monogram, with the letter of the last name of the couple, a double monogram with the letters of the first names of the couple, or a triple monogram with first name initials and last name initial. This type of wedding topper is a very stylish way to symbolize the joining of two people, and can vary from very formal to fun and less formal depending on the font you choose.

Whichever wedding cake topper you choose, remember that it's your union it represents. Take some time to find something that truly speaks to you. And, of course, you want to make sure that your topper goes with the cake design and colors, as well as the tone of your wedding. If you're having a beach wedding theme, a Swarovski crystal-studded monogram cake topper might seem out of place, as would a palm tree wedding cake topper on a very formal wedding cake.

Shari Hearn is a writer and creator of a wedding planning website. She recommends you check out Unique Wedding Cake Toppers, where you can find all the different types of wedding cake toppers mentioned in this article.

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