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5 Tips to Surviving Wedding Season

5 Tips to Surviving Wedding Season
Whether single or attached there are no rules demanding joy and happiness at every wedding invitation you receive. It might be that you disapprove of your friend?s choice of spouse or, it might be a painful reminder that yet another friend is destined to be a ?smug married?, while you endure the question ?when will it be your turn?? As we enter the wedding season we are bound to experience a range of emotions and to prevent the negative ones from overshadowing our summer here are 5 tips to wedding season survival!

Spend wisely

Weddings can be expensive affairs, and that is just for the guests! With gifts, gowns and accommodation for each event in can become overwhelming.

o Gifts - According to a recent survey by The Knot, gifts should range from $50-75 for a co-worker and $75-$100 for friend or relative. If that seems too much for your budget get in touch with other guests and drive down costs by arranging a group present.

o Attire ? It is tempting to buy a new outfit for each occasion but with some clever accessorizing you can completely change an outfit at minimal cost.

o Travel / Accommodation ? It is not just destination weddings that can be expensive. Inter state travel can increase prices too. Be sure to book early to take advantage of early bird savings and again get in contact with other guests to share rides or hotel rooms.


There are summers when you seem to have weddings every weekend. Take time to prioritize which weddings are most important to you and trust your gut about turning the others down. By rationalizing the reasons for not attending the wedding (finances / travel time / dislike of the spouse) the feelings of guilt will subside.

Congratulations?.I think

Even the most confident ones among you can be plagued with self doubt and, attending a wedding can bring up a range of emotions, fears and negative self talk. Take time to listen to the negative self talk and note down what you hear. Once you have identified it, counter your negative self talk by repeating your self worth (even if this feels fake at first). You will begin to really feel the difference and will be able to say ?congratulations? with ease and true happiness.

Do your research

Weddings can be a daunting prospect especially if you are attending alone and do not know any of the other guests. Do some research before the day, speak to the bride or groom and ask about people who are attending and what they do. By noting a guests name you can work out who they are by reviewing the seating plan and, by noting something about them you will have an automatic ice breaker.

Food & Drink

A wedding a weekend can take its toll on your nutritional health. Remember to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and counter balance your alcohol intake.

Weddings are designed to be fun. If you are entering the wedding season with dread, take time to review the 5 tips and be encouraged to tackle the reasons head on.

Lou Clark is a Life & Career Coach and founder of ?tre Coaching based in NYC. With a successful background in Human Resource Management, formal coach training & accreditation with the ICF, Lou is experienced in providing support and coaching through change. Visit Etre Coaching!

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