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Wedding Insurance – Peace of Mind for Your Perfect Day?

With the average cost of a wedding around £17,000 you would think that more couples would take out wedding insurance just in case something happens to spoil the special day. However, an estimated 85% of couples planning to get married do not bother with insurance. Many people are so wrapped up in the romance and anticipation of their dream wedding that the practicalities of what could potentially go wrong do not even cross their minds. But, compared to the high cost of marriage, taking out a premium for about £50 seems a small price to pay for piece of mind.

Even the most carefully planned weddings are not immune to disaster. Events can happen unexpectedly that it is impossible to plan for. For example, what if there was a fire that destroyed the wedding venue just before the big day? Or what if the marquee company went bust? Most couples would by then have paid a large sum of non-refundable deposits to hire the venue and the caterers etc. Without insurance this money has effectively gone up in smoke, and the couple would have to find a new venue for the reception at very short notice, or face the option of having to postpone their wedding day altogether.

In this situation, a good wedding insurance policy would cover the costs of the deposits and provide help towards the extra costs of rearranging the wedding. Of course it always pays to be diligent when buying any sort of insurance premium. It is advisable to compare the level of cover offered by various companies, as this can vary considerably between insurance providers.

With the average cost of a wedding dress now approximately £1000, plus the high costs of the attire for the groom and the rest of the bridal party, it may well be worth considering insurance in case any of the outfits get ruined. There are so many different things to organize when arranging a wedding, which means relying on lots of other people to make sure everything goes smoothly. Insurance can cover things such as the cost of a wedding car, wedding cake and the rings. Wedding presents can also be covered just in case they are stolen. Cover typically includes flowers, videos and photographs too.

Given the huge expense of the average wedding day, couples would be wise to consider the option of insurance right at the beginning of the preparations. The majority of weddings take several months of rigorous planning, during which time all kinds of unexpected events could occur to throw a spanner in the works. So is it worth it? Well consider this. For all the planning, the preparation, and the organizing, as little as £50 can buy you peace of mind. It's a small price to pay really, isn't it?

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