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The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages Announces New Edition in Virginia - Popular, Useful Print and Web Tool for Brides Will Now be Available in Gr

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2008 -- The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages, the popular Northern California-based wedding directory and planner, will publish a new edition for the Greater Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia this fall. A companion web directory for the region is already available at .

Michele Carrizales and Emer Lunasin, producers of the well-known Show Bride series of wedding expos in Virginia Beach, will publish the Greater Hampton Roads edition as local partners.

"We were looking to expand our media business to more comprehensively serve our region, and, when we heard about The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages, we knew immediately it would appeal to both our brides and our local vendors," said Emer Lunasin, co-publisher. "It's the most useful and intuitive wedding planning tool we've ever seen. It's also a great value for advertisers."

"We were also impressed by the publication's track record," said Michele Carrizales, co-publisher. "We're excited to bring a product that has worked so well for brides and vendors in California to the Hampton Roads area."

Said Laurie Morgan, national publisher: "We couldn't ask for better local partners than Emer and Michele. Their track record as show producers enables them to understand the needs of both brides and wedding vendors. Plus, they both have extensive experience on the vendor side as well."

Brides and event professionals can request to be notified when the print edition debuts later this year at .

About The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages

The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages is a comprehensive directory of resources designed to simplify the wedding planning process. It combines the best-researched listing of local resources and contact information with features of a planner - so brides can not only shop for vendors, but also take notes and track appointments. What's more, the book is highly portable, so brides can take it with them whenever they're shopping for wedding goods or meeting with wedding vendors.

The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages is a free publication available in print and on the Internet at The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages web site includes several companion services to assist brides, including the Request for Information system (, The Wedding Yellow Shop, and Wedding Timesavers (

The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages also provides marketing information to wedding vendors via its wedding marketing blog.


This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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