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Wedding Location: Where Will You Wed

Where Will You Wed: Selecting a Wedding Location

Prince Charming proposed, and you accepted. Congratulations! When you share your news with friends and family, immediately after congratulating you and your betrothed, they will ask these two questions: When are you going to get married? And where are you going to get married?

It makes a lot more sense to address selecting a wedding location first because weather changes dramatically between the seasons in most places, and once you choose a location, you can then pick the best season to wed there. A good place to start your search is by thinking about the majority of the guests that you will invite. Do they all live within a 10-mile radius of your hometown? If so, you might want to consider having the wedding close by, so that all your friends and family won't have to shell out big buckaroos to travel to your wedding location.

What if you live a greater distance from most of your family and friends? Perhaps start by thinking about the feasibility of those you care about traveling to your neck of the woods. Can Grandma fly four hours to attend a wedding on the west coast? Will your high school friends be able to spend the money on flights, and have funds left for accommodations, not to mention a wedding gift for you? If many of your guests won't be able to make it to your wedding location, and they all live generally close to one another, you might decide to go ahead and have the hometown ceremony after all.

If you are not marrying your high school sweetheart, it is much more likely that there will be a great deal of variance in terms of where your guests live. In that case, when you are selecting a wedding location, you can consider getting married in a wedding location that has some special significance for you and your sweetie. For instance, maybe you met during college. In that case, the perfect location for you could be the chapel at your alma mater. Or maybe you met your sweetie at the beach, or are both beach lovers. Your dream wedding location could be to wed on a beach. If you are both avid golfers, the best wedding location could be at the ninth hole on a scenic golf course. If you enjoy skiing, consider getting married at a ski lodge, overlooking the mountain.

There is something very special about a destination wedding, as everyone gets to take a min-vacation to someplace they might not ordinarily visit. If you choose a destination wedding for your wedding location, it is customary to provide your guests with some ideas and tips about fun things to do at or near your wedding location. You can even consider sending out this information a few weeks or months ahead of time to assist your guests in their planning process.

Whatever wedding location you choose, consider what season you are most likely to have the best weather. If possible, go ahead and schedule your wedding for that time of year. And enjoy all your wedding location has to offer!

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