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How to Choose the Sexiest Wedding Lingerie

With all of the planning and obsessing that goes into your big day, wedding lingerie is one little detail that can get overlooked. You're so busy choosing just the right dress, veil, and hairdo that sometimes it's hard to remember that there are some basic foundation pieces that need to go underneath the chiffon and tulle. You'll probably feel more beautiful than you ever have before on this special day, and that feeling should extend all the way down to your sexy bridal lingerie.

Wedding lingerie can take a couple of different forms. First of all, there's the garments that you will wear during the wedding itself. These will be based on both your taste and the style of wedding dress that you choose. Let's say you have a strapless gown. If that's the case, then you're going to need a strapless bra or bustier to give your bust lift and shape. Some brides opt for a corset so that they can achieve just the silhouette they desire.

When choosing a bra or bustier, make sure to try it on with your gown before and after alterations have been made. Wear your wedding lingerie when getting fitted for alterations so that the seamstress is sure to get exactly the right fit. When you go to pick up your dress, try it again to make sure the lines all fall in the proper places. This will also help ensure that there isn't any part of the undergarments that peeks out of your dress. While you want your lingerie to be beautiful, you probably only want you and the groom to actually see it!

The second type of wedding lingerie is the one you wear on your wedding night. This is the one that most women tend to spend the most time choosing. Women want it to be sexy and special, yet stick to the traditional white or off-white color, but the choice is entirely up to you. Since this wedding lingerie will not be seen by anyone else, experimenting with different patterns or colors is perfectly acceptable as long as it's something that makes you feel sexy and comfortable.

Whether you're looking for wedding lingerie to wear before or after the ceremony, you'll want to take the top into consideration when choosing the rest of the outfit. If your bustier has garter straps, for example, then you will want to purchase thigh-high stockings instead of pantyhose. A lot of erotic lingerie tops come with thong bottoms, so if you don't feel comfortable wearing a g-string during your wedding (or on your wedding night), then you're going to want to shop for a different pair of panties that match your bra or bustier.

Finally, make sure that any wedding lingerie you wear under your dress isn't too bulky. If your gown is a lightweight shift-type dress, then a full bustier might actually detract from the dress. The same is true for pantie lines. You want a nice, smooth look so that only you and your groom know what's going on underneath.

Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the sexy bridal lingerie market for many years. This article outlines the benefits of choosing bridal lingerie as if that needed much explaining! Please include this credit if you use this article.

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