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New and Unique Ways to Use Wedding Linens

Wedding linens do indeed bring style and colorful magic to wedding receptions. People across the world use linens to create stylish fashion and atmosphere that guests can enjoy during the wedding reception. For some people, this can be a problem since they do not want their wedding to look like everyone else?s. There are a few ways to use wedding linen rentals in new, interesting, and unique ways. By using these newer and more unique style ideas, you can be sure your wedding reception will be visually appealing.

Layering Linens on Tables

Layering material on the tables with multiple wedding linens is a great way to get creative with you wedding linen rentals. Most all reception setups have a single tablecloth for each guest table. However, by using multiple table linens in different colors and textures, you are adding a different design element to the reception. This creates depth in your design, and looks great on tables.

Using Colors and Table Linens to Designate Tables

Different colored table linens as part of your wedding linens can be a great way to use linens in a new and unusual way. Everyone has attended a wedding reception with every table looking the same. However, by using different colors for table linens, you are creating an interesting and new design aesthetic to your reception.

Chair Cover Styles

Many people do not realize that there are different ways to use wedding linen rentals as far as chair covers are concerned. Just like table linens, chair covers can be different heights and styles. To create different looks, some people prefer to rent chair cover linens that cover only part of the chair with a portion of the legs exposed. Others may want to cover the chair completely. Some want the chair cover to stop at the floor, while others may want it to pool at the bottom with extra fabric. A way to make it different is to have huge, billowing, draping chair covers instead of the tighter style of chair covers. Get more information about wedding linen rentals by visiting

Accessories on Chair Covers

By adding accessories to chair covers, you can change the design of your reception to actually incorporate the colors of the chairs. Whether you are using ribbons, simple fabric, bows, real or artificial flowers, you are adding a design that many people do not find at wedding receptions and presumably a style setup that will be remembered for years.

Using Colors and Chair Covers to Designate Tables

You can use accessories on the chair covers to designate certain tables. Using wedding linen rentals to designate different tables gives you an opportunity to play with color in a way that is not done too often. By changing colors, you are adding depth to your design.

While everyone seems to use wedding linens for their wedding reception needs, it is fun to try to find different ways to use the linens to enhance the design of the reception. By simply thinking out of the box, you too can have unique and new ways to use wedding linens. Start researching more about wedding linens for your big day by checking out

Janet Ireland writes wedding decorating articles for Magical Party Rentals, a premier Internet resource to assist you in accenting your special day with the finest wedding linen rentals.

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