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What to Look For in a Wedding Videographer!

Have you chosen a Professional Wedding Videographer yet for your Wedding? Finding a Professional one can be difficult and perplexing.

Your special day is coming up very fast! And really the last thing you need to fret about is whether or not you have hired the right Professional Wedding Videographer to capture the memories of your Wedding day.

First, start out by checking out their website and watching some of their demos. If they have no demos available to view online that is a BIG red flag! Only choose a Professional Wedding Videographer who has demos on their website. That is very important! This allows you to see what the Videographers style is!

Make sure that your Professional Wedding Videographer makes your DVD with DVD authoring. If your Videographer provides this service, the final film of your Wedding day should look like a Hollywood Style film with menus and chapters. This is a lot more than just transferring footage to DVD and takes a lot more time; so make sure that your Videographer does this. It takes it from home-style movie to Hollywood Style! This is also very important!

Here are a few other questions you should ask yourself when choosing your Professional Wedding Videographer:

1. Is the Wedding Videographer knowledgeable?

2. Is the Wedding Videographer professional?

3. Was the Wedding Videographer able to answer your all your questions and did they answer you back (if conversing in email) in a timely manner (This will show their level of Professionalism)?

4. And most importantly; does the Wedding Videographers services validate their product(s)?

If the Wedding Videographer is professional then they should be accustomed with all the Wedding Industries products and terminology.

The Wedding Videographer should also be able to explain in detail the services they are providing for you and your Spouse on your Wedding day.

If the Wedding Videographer doesn?t have enough demos on their website to satisfy you, then ask them to mail you another demo to watch at home. Most professional Wedding Videographers will be happy to accommodate you and send you one free of charge.

If the Wedding Videographer has enough to watch on their website then make to watch them thoroughly online and remember these key things:

1) Web quality is always worse than what your Wedding day DVD will be. This is because websites with videos are made specifically for allowing the video to download quickly for the viewer. Because of this, the quality of the video must go down in order for the downloading speed on the Internet to be fast. So don?t judge the clarity by the online footage. If you want to see an example of how clear your film will look just ask the Wedding Videographer to send you a demo and that will allow you to really see the clarity and the quality.

2) Was the camera person/ Wedding Videographer creative with their shots and were they steady? Watch for that, creativity is key to having a beautiful Wedding DVD!

3) Sound quality of the songs. Did everything sound good?

4) Color, was the color vibrant. This will tell you if the camcorder that the Wedding Videographer is using is good quality or not!

Another thing to consider is making sure that the Wedding Videographer offers for you to call at a later date and request additional copies. If they say ?Yes!? that is a good sign, meaning that they achieve all their footage properly and this will also show their Professionalism!

Everyone?s Wedding day is so different and unique! It is a once in a life time moment that can never be repeated or recaptured so make sure when choosing your Wedding Videographer you only go for the best! Don?t get a cheap service because in the end, that?s what your film will be, cheap. Don?t cut corners! Your Wedding day is special and deserves that best of the best. You want to remember is always in beautiful clarity! Good luck on planning your wonderful Wedding day!

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