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The Wedding Greenhouse Increases Options For Unique Wedding Favors With Coffee Plants

Plymouth, FL (PRWEB) May 22, 2008 -- The Wedding Greenhouse has announced the addition of coffee plants to their lineup of live saplings designed to be used as wedding table decorations and personalized party favors. The company is one of the largest online retailers of green, eco-friendly wedding table decorations and favors.

The Wedding Greenhouse's unique wedding favors now include a palm mini, peace lily, red ardesia, Butterfly Nephthytis and coffee plants. Each plant is hand picked and placed in a small pot wrapped in shiny silver material. Brides have the option to choose a coordinating ribbon color to match the theme of their wedding and even have the ribbons custom printed. Plants begin at $3.49 each.

"Planning a wedding can be an expensive process. Our beautifully decorated live plants can double as unique wedding favors ( and table decorations -- essentially saving families hundreds of dollars in decorating costs," says Carol Hawley, founder of The Wedding Greenhouse.

Hawley is also quick to remind brides that coffee plants thrive in tropical and sub-tropical locations and cannot be grown where there is a frost, so consideration should be taken as to where most guests live before choosing the coffee plant for a wedding favor. Other plants offered, such as the peace lily, thrive indoors and are perfect for any location.

Green and eco-conscious weddings are on the rise as more and more couples express a growing concern over the state of the earth. Wedding planners and caterers specializing in green weddings are beginning to crop up in cities across the United States and some designers are even offering organic cotton or hemp options for bridal gowns.

A green wedding versus a regular wedding typically sees an increased use of recyclable materials and organic food. The Wedding Greenhouse is one of the only online retailers offering all green wedding favors and wedding table decorations (

"We have noticed a huge increase in sales from families who are choosing to throw green weddings. Many couples are making eco-friendly choices in their daily lives that they want reflected in their wedding choices. Having friends and family leave with their own potted plant makes for a beautiful statement," said Hawley.

About The Wedding Greenhouse: The Wedding Greenhouse is North America's leading producer of indoor tropical plants and a leading online retailer of live saplings and plants packaged as eco-friendly wedding table decorations and personalized wedding favors ( Wedding and party planners can receive a free plant favor sample by entering their information on The Wedding Greenhouse website at:

Media Contact:

Carol Hawley

P.O. Box 670

Plymouth, FL 32768



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This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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