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Make Up For Your Wedding Day

You, you, you

One of the most important days of your life will be your wedding day. You will be the centre of attention for the full day with all eyes, aswell as all cameras on you. This is how it should be as the wedding day is your day! A day all about you, your life changing vows to your man, your dress, hair and make up, your family their to celebrate you. Looking your best should be at the top of your plans so when the dress is sorted out then be careful not to forget your make up as it plays an important part in making you look perfect. Your dazzling smile will be set alight by the perfect make up and glowing complexion.

Skin and glow

If you happened to be blessed with good skin then half the battle is over as your skin is the most important feature of your face. Unfortunately If you do have troublesome skin, such as sunspots or acne then don?t worry you can still glow, you will just have to work hard at getting it right for your wedding day. Once you have your skin glowing then arranging the make-up for your wedding day is more fun than a chore. Your skin needs to be soft to touch and easy to handle, which means that it is important that you use a good moisturizer. If you have oily skin then don?t aggravate your skin as it will only make it oilier. Oily skin can become very difficult to handle and will not help with the make-up for your wedding day. If you are having regular facials before your wedding then make sure you go for your last one at least one month in before the big day to let your skin settle. Remember the key to flawless make-up is good skin.

You will need to create a good base for your make up, which will be easier done now your skin is perfect. If you use an oil based foundation it will help prevent against your make-up wearing off and will also decrease the chances your make up smudging and blotching. The idea is for your foundation to give a barely-there look. You will want to consider using a powder blush instead of a cream based blush as the powder will last longer.

The sparkle in your eyes

On your wedding day every emotion you feel will be seen in your eyes! The saying can be quoted as, ?the eyes are the windows to your soul?, and it is true. On your wedding day everyone will see the love in your eyes, but they will also see if you are tired! You will not be able to hide tired eyes with make up, so please get some sleep. Eight hours sleep before the big day will make a big difference. It is an emotional day but try to avoid crying before applying make-up for your wedding day, as this makes it difficult to conceal and will lead to smudges. Make sure you pluck, thread or wax your brows before your wedding day, if you wait until the day then it could lead to redness which becomes very difficult to conceal. Use layering of eye shadow for a good effect and use at least 2 coats of mascara to open up your eyes on your wedding day.

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