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Your Wedding Linens Have An Irish History Behind Them

If you are attending a wedding, odds are that you will see all the furniture covered with wedding linen rentals. The chair that you sit on, the table and even the napkins will usually be high quality wedding linen rentals. If you look at most of the fabrics used in a wedding and reception, most of them are, or could be, made out of linen, cotton or even silk. Linen is sometimes a general term that many people do not quite understand. One thing that many find interesting and are surprised by is the fact that linens have a deep history in most of Europe. Your wedding linens may have a deep Irish history.

It is generally accepted that actual linen, made from flax fibers, was first grown in Ireland around 900-1000 BC. The cultivation of flax for the use of linens was huge; even before the start of the more modern centuries, flax was grown in large quantities. Nearly every person in Ireland had clothing made from linen. The leaders of Ireland encouraged the growth of the industry, and because of this, the linen industry in Ireland blossomed. By the 1700's, Ireland was exporting their linens across the globe. Ireland was even exporting to the British colonies in America. The span of Ireland's exporting of linen shows the early strength of the country's linen industry. Ireland continued to prosper in the linen industry, generally without the use of wedding linens, a major source for the industry today.

When the cotton industry began to grow, the linen industry had to find ways to not only stay competitive, but to introduce linens in new ways. The linens were beginning to be sold in hospitals and hotel rooms in both high quality and low quality linens. Because of the high quality available with the Irish linens, and the rich tradition behind the cultivating and spinning of the actual linen, Irish linen was/still is considered something of a more luxurious fabric. The look and feel of the linen gave it the luxurious qualities that many people look for, especially for wedding linens. Learn more about wedding linen rentals by visiting

Irish linens started being used for things such as weddings and parties. Because of the material used to make linens, the actual fabric can handle some rough wear and tear. The fabric started to be used as wedding chair covers and table covers to soak up spills and take a beating that the tables might not be able to handle. Because of the way that the actual fabric itself is made, it can absorb spills and drips. It quickly absorbs them, and eventually, the tablecloth or chair may not even feel damp or wet.

Wedding linen rentals have found themselves in weddings and at parties not only because of their strong and durable qualities, but also because of their look and versatility. Wedding linen rentals have allowed couples to furnish their wedding reception in a way that they like. They can choose the colors and the textures to match the rest of their decorations. Napkins, table covers, and chair covers have allowed those throwing a party to give the ambiance more of an elegant, sophisticated feel. Read more about wedding linens for your big day at

While the linen you have used or will use in the future may not have been made or grown in Ireland, the country has a deep-rooted history in the industry. Much like other European nations, Ireland's history with linens and textiles has allowed them to hone the craft of linen making. So, when you find yourself planning your special day and choosing your wedding linen rentals, the color and style you choose may be as rich and interesting looking as the history of how the fabrics all came to be.

Janet Ireland is a special event decorating enthusiast and frequent contributor to Magical Party, a premier Internet resource for wedding chair cover rentals. Making dreams a reality online since 2003.

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