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How Much Wedding Can I Afford?

Did you know that a wedding costs, on average, $28,000? It seems like a lot of money, but it requires a budget. When it comes to planning your wedding, your budget is one of the most important factors. Wedding planning should begin with setting your budget. It is a process that is necessary, but it may not always be fun. It is common that parents don?t pay for your wedding. Nowadays, it is much more likely that you will pay the majority of the costs of your wedding. Lucky couples have their parents foot, at least, some of the expenses, but mature couples should not build on it.

Prior to doing anything else, you should set your wedding budget. It is key to have an understanding how much you can afford. It?s better to make some tough decisions in the beginning of your planning process that to run out of money months before your wedding day. Make sure you have a budget before you begin spending. It is too risky to buy or reserve anything before you have set your budget. Your budget should be based on careful calculations and real numbers not wishes, hopes, and desires. If you estimate, it is likely that you will underestimate.

Be fair in your evaluation. If you are independently wealthy, forget about a budget. You have nothing to worry about, spend as much as you want. If money is tight, just be creative. Having less money is not automatically a negative. As you folks to see if, they can help with some of the bills. Be nice and don?t expect mom or dad to take on a second mortgage to pay for your special day. It?s not worth bankrupting your parents, for a party. If your parents can?t afford to help you, you might need to postpone the wedding or lowering your budget. You can make your own wedding favors to save.

If you are the independent type, it?s best not to ask your parents for financial help. Take an honest assessment of the situation, and set your budget accordingly. Prioritize, if you have to work with a smaller budget. Decide what is most important to you and place them to the top of your list. List the most essential items and scratch the rest. Reduce the number of invitees, reduce the cost of the food, buy a less expensive gown, etc. You have many opportunities to save. Marriage is all about compromises, planning your wedding on a budget should be a good exercise for you and your honey. The most important thing is to have fun. A worksheet should help you in making your final decision about what to include or exclude from your wedding day. Wedding budgets are very important because they enable you to make a decision on the total dollar amount you can afford to spend on your wedding day.

Have you ever wondered how is it possible to have the wedding of your dreams, while staying within your budget? Learn to cut wedding costs.

Wedding Favors

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Wedding Loans: Perfect Finance Option for a Perfect Wedding
After seeing each other for years and being tagged as 'in love' since eternity, you desire to bring this to a logical end. You are wrong if you think I am suggesting a divorce even before you are actually married.

Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner
Every girl has dreamed about their wedding day. They want it to be beautiful and perfect, just like in their dreams. But when it actually becomes a reality, the planning and stress can ruin that dream they once had. That is why many couples are opting to hire a professional wedding planner. A wedding planner with a solid reputation and good references can relieve most of the stress that goes along with planning a big wedding. They can also be helpful when planning a small or medium-sized wedding. Although their services might be quite expensive, the peace of mind that they provide is often well worth their fees.

The History of the White Wedding Dress
As a youngster -- or perhaps even as an adult -- have you ever sat dreamily imagining yourself in a fairytale wedding dress, about to marry your very own Prince Charming? And, what colour is the wedding dress? The chances are it's a white one. Millions of girls and women that dream of the perfect marriage have a vision of the perfect white wedding dress in their minds.

Beautiful Flower Arrangements on Wedding Occasions
Wedding is the special occasion that brings two loved one together for entire life. It is the bond that is based on love, trust, respect and honesty. Special day which changes the life of man. The day which is not easy to forget. To make that special moment then the arrangements should also be special. At this time flowers plays a vital role in making the day special. Flowers have the power of expressing the feelings without saying anything. Flowers impart elegance along with beauty to that special day. Flowers form an integral part of wedding celebrations.

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Oxigen Events Produces 'Scream' Star Neve Campbell's Secret Wedding
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Stock Photography Fixes Web Designers Problem
Stock nature photography might solve simple problems for web designers. The stock photos can allow you to utilize your hours on your expertise rather than on distractions. They will make your customers happy which will without doubt bring in referrals.

UK Alliance of Wedding Planners & Instant Forever Release Wedding Survey Results
UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and Instant Forever Polaroid Guest Books have announced the results of their most recent wedding survey. The survey was conducted over a period of 3 months targeting brides who had most recently been married. Areas covered in the scope of the survey were from wedding planning and wedding budget to photography and UK wedding destinations.

Simple Handmade Wedding Favors
Five really great ideas for simple handmade wedding favors that are easy to make and will be treasured by your honored guests Giving people beautiful and simple handmade wedding favors is becoming more popular and is even expected at most weddings these days

Choosing Spirits & Wines For Your Wedding
When you think about weddings, more than likely you think about touching toasts at the wedding and tasty Champagnes that are so often a part of weddings However, you may be wondering what type of Champagne you should serve on your wedding day

Make Your Photography Special With Black & White Basics
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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
My name is John Jenkins and I am a professional wedding photographer, my business is JJPhoto. I write this article using the years of experience I have of being a wedding photographer but also from the point of view of a prospective groom. Sally and I get married on 14th June of this year.

Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Reception
An outdoor wedding reception can be host to an almost unlimited number of guests and has the aura of nature that can never be duplicated in an indoor ballroom. Some of the following outdoor wedding reception ideas should help to get you started with planning this special day, including avoiding some of the dangers involved with an outdoor setting.

Saving Money on Your Wedding Reception Using Reception Themes
Just like weddings, receptions are often theme based as well. Reception themes are often more relaxed than wedding themes because they are meant to be provided in a party atmosphere.

Wedding Ideas From Emerging Stars
Celebrities have a tendency to leave all of the wedding planning details to other people, but we've all seen how their marriages usually end. Will a couple who worked together to create their wedding have a better chance of success?

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