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Invitations For You Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are something very popular nowadays. It is because a wedding in winter is considered more romantic. However, there can also be problems since such an event will be hosted on the date near the Christmas. Some of your guests may have already planned for their vacations and as a result they may not be able to attend your wedding. Consequently, you should try to inform your guests as soon as you decide to get married if you are planning for a winter wedding.

It will be less problematic if you are planning to hold a very small party instead. In this case you will only invite your family members and the closest friends to come. Since it is very close to the Christmas, you may try to make a less formal wedding. As a matter of fact a small and less formal wedding can always be a very memorable one. You can just treat your big day as a Christmas Party. And you can really enjoy the time with your guests since there will be less than 25 guests for such a small event.

So, how should you design the wedding invitation card? Of course you will try to match your invitations to the theme of your big day. Yes it is the winter or Christmas theme. In most cases you will choose a card which is white in color. Of course this is not your only choice of color. Something colorful will just work as well. At the end of the day your wedding, as well as Christmas, is meant to be full of fun and it is really a good idea to make your wedding invitations a bit more colorful.

You can also put some winter ornaments on the card so that it gives the feeling of winter or snow. As a matter of fact, a snowman on the card is very popular for a winter wedding invitation. Another kind of ornaments you can probably use are snowflakes. If you think purchasing the ornaments are too expensive and it will totally out of your budget. You may consider just printing them on the card. This will certainly help you to save some money on the wedding invitation.

You may also try to draw some images and put them on the wedding invitation. You care hire an illustrator to do it for you if you are not good at drawing. For example, you may ask the illustrator to draw you, your partner and Santa Clause celebrating the seasons together.

The last thing you need to take care of is the contents or the wordings of your in invitation. Since it will be less formal you do not want to make the wordings formal. You should try to write your own wordings. Following the traditional way may not help in your case. If possible, you should try to have the contents hand written by you and your spouse. This will not be something difficult since you will only need to write something like twenty cards.

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