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A Bahamas Wedding Or Honeymoon On Andros

A Bahamas Honeymoon sounds like a great idea, but an even better idea would be to also have your wedding there. The beautiful beaches of Andros, and the wonderful Kamaleme Cay could be the perfect double destination for both your wedding and your romantic honeymoon. It was recently described as a small slice of heaven on earth, and as such is a great choice for any romantic vacation.

Kamaleme Cay is a 96 acre all inclusive private island hideaway just off the coast of Andros Island. It has over three miles of beautiful soft sand beach, and is reachable only by the resort?s own ferry or seaplane, so this is a real hideaway for a wedding or a honeymoon, set as it is in one of the most beautiful parts of the Bahamas. For a romantic vacation, a honeymoon or a wedding in the Bahamas, what more could you want than great Caribbean cuisine, beautiful beaches, a freshwater pool, and some of the best fishing and diving in the Bahamas if not the whole Caribbean. Add to the mix a way of living whilst you are there that doesn?t need shoes, this being a barefoot sort of place.

In terms of your wedding in the Bahamas, then Kamaleme Cay has a reputation of hosting them quite brilliantly with as much publicity or anonymity as you could wish for. It isn?t only weddings that this Cay close to the island of Andros specialises in, because Kamaleme is also a great place for a Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation or just a romantic vacation for two. Amongst the many reasons are the small handful of beautifully and gracefully decorated private villas which are spaced out over the island, all facing the sea and within earshot of the waves crashing rhythmically onto the beach.

In addition Kamaleme takes great pains to make sure that every guest has this indefinable intimate and personal experience that you will only realise you have had, when you stay at a hotel which doesn?t give you this. It is almost subliminal, it is so well carried out.

You can have special menus, firework displays, Junkanoo parties, almost anything is possible , because Kamaleme strives to make sure your every expectation is not only met but if at all possible exceeded. In fact for the real romantic vacation there is nothing like a candlelit dinner for two on a starlit beach, ringed by flaming torches with your own personal chef, or what about a picnic for two on an uninhabited island. Kamaleme knows what a Bahamas Honeymoon should be like. The food by the way is spectacular, and not only that but so well presented, and is one of the things that makes Kamaleme almost the ultimate vacation spot.

As a recent summary said the location is gorgeous, the accommodation amazing, the staff not only friendly but very efficient and more importantly effective. There are enough activities to keep you occupied, but the urge to relax with no urge at all to use your mobile phone will be overwhelming. You come here to relax and enjoy the lush setting, the great private beach, the spa on the water, and an atmosphere quite unlike anywhere else.

If you have a decision to make choose not only a Bahamas honeymoon here at Kamaleme, but your wedding here in the Bahamas, and if you?re not the marrying kind, it is the perfect spot for a romantic vacation.

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Jason Law writes about Bahamas Vacation Spots as well as authoring several articles about Worldwide Vacation Spots and he recommends Caribbean Vacation Spots although The Bahamas is his favourite place on Earth

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