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Consider An Authentic Costa Rica Wedding

If you are planning a wedding in Costa Rica you may want to opt for an authentic ceremony using Costa Rica wedding customs.

The main goal of having a foreign destination wedding after all, is to do away with the ordinary and traditional and to settle with only the unique and the exceptional. Having a genuine Costa Rican wedding is not that difficult to achieve. You will find that there are just a few Costa Rica wedding customs to include in your plans.

Many weddings in Costa Rica involve a beautiful beach ceremony. This country is renowned for its sublime beaches the world over, and most couples would like to indulge in this luxury while exchanging vows. In the olden past, Costa Rican brides would wear a black silk dress and a lace veil and for the grooms, a shirt that is hand embroidered by his beloved bride. These days however, a white sundress is a more typical and fitting bridal wear, and a formal wedding shirt and pants for the groom?s outfit.

Of course, you may choose a more modern wedding ceremony which can be modified to meet your plans. Some brides prefer to wear long gowns and elaborate veils even during a seaside wedding. In addition some couples would prefer a more formal arrangement even while doing an outdoor wedding. But for most couples, a Costa Rican wedding involves the sun, the sand, and the warmth of family and friends. The bride frequently wears a simple yet elegant sundress, and holds a bouquet of exotic blooms all throughout the ceremony, as the beautiful sunset lends a romantic glow to the event.

Costa Rica is basically a country that is torn between the old, time-honored traditions and the advent of the new and modern ways. Much of the people however, remains conservative at heart and still upholds traditionalist values. Costa Ricans are a family oriented people who love gatherings and festivities. The family members of a Costa Rican are almost always present in the most significant occasions of his life, and wedding celebrations are no exception.

Present family members and relatives of both the bride and groom during the wedding is a typical set-up in Costa Rican marriages. The more guests, the better blessed the couple will be. Your guests will find that an inexpensive Costa Rica vacation is a great way to attend your wedding. Also, one of the most significant Costa Rica wedding customs would be the late night partying complete with Spanish-Latin music accompaniment and plentiful servings of food for the guests. Live music may also include some forties style beats and reggae tunes.

Costa Ricans prefer to have an abundance of food selections served to the guests like meat, salads, and other authentic dishes like the gallo pinto. Because of the large number of guests, it is a part of the genuine Costa Rica wedding customs for food and refreshments to be readily available. Barbeques on open hot coals are also ideal for a beach wedding reception, where the guests? tables are set up on the sand, and the natural sea breeze providing natural ventilation. And because Costa Ricans love to party well into the night, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks should be on hand too. All these make a Costa Rican wedding truly extraordinary.

So when planning your Costa Rican wedding you may want to add local customs to make your wedding ceremony unique. Memories of your wedding will be enhanced by the beautiful location and special customs found only in Costa Rica.

James Kesel, MS, is the publisher of the Inexpensive Costa Rica Vacation website at Providing great information on vacations and travel in Costa Rica. If you are planning a wedding in Costa Rica, you may want to consider an authentic Costa Rica Wedding using Costa Rica Wedding Customs.

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