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New Wedding Planning Guide - Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding

(PRWEB) May 21, 2008 -- Are you thinking about planning a wedding? ( has recently announced that they are producing a comprehensive mini book on how to plan a wedding.

Although SilkBouquets is better known for its specialism in creating beautiful silk wedding flowers (generally for allergy sufferers, people getting married abroad and people wanting unusual flowers which are out fo season) they also have an extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of wedding planning. As such, they have decided to create a guide crammed with dozens of ideas, useful tips, resources and pitfalls to watch out for when planning a wedding.

According to their spokesperson and MD, Cathy Frith, they have deliberately made it very unbiased and as accurate and useful as possible. The guide is aimed a at couple getting amrried in the UK although Cathy says "the guide can be used no matter which country you are getting married in but it is written with a christian, UK based traditional wedding in mind".

Cathy goes on to explain that the main theme of the book covers all the main issues people face when planning a wedding such as: setting budgets, hidden costs to watch for; whom you should consider inviting, protocol and accepted wedding rules; how to create the perfect Order of Service; suggestion of hymns etc and many other topics. It also contains advice on the honeymoon too.

This product will be on sale in June 2008 and will be available as a printed copy or as a download. The price has yet to be released but is expected to be around £14.99

About ( is owned by Woodside Crafts Ltd which is a specialist business dedicated to providing superior silk flowers and bouquets for all occasions.

SilkBouquets has grown out of a continuing demand for people who desire long lasting wedding flowers which can be kept for life as a cherished memento. Also we have been successful in fulfilling the growing demand for high quality artificial flowers to brighten up the home or office.

The business is run by myself (Cathy Frith) and Debbie Skyes. We originally owned a high street florist shop selling fresh flowers and we take the best of what we have learned in bespoke flower arranging and apply it to our SilkBouquets products. We are qualified florists with the highest level of qualification: National Diploma of the Society of Floristry (NDSF FSF)

We can supply bespoke bouquets for any occasion and we specialist in making exquisite wedding packages from the bridal bouquet right through to wedding table and wedding car decorations.

Please do contact us if you want a bouquet for any occasion, we are always happy to provide a free consultation service for a complete wedding package or if you just want a simple gift making with specific flowers.

Our Contact details:


7 Stonehill Road,

Headley Down,


GU35 8JJ

Phone: 0845 603 6064

Email: sales @

Please note: Viewings and bespoke design service by appointment only

# # #

This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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