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Classic Luxury: A Wedding Cruise On A Yacht

A wedding aboard a yacht has a surrealistic classic feel that is refreshing and a departure from the ordinary.

Many people find it to be so much nicer to be out in the fresh air out on the water rather then being stuck in some hotel room.

If you want your wedding location to be romantic , atmospheric, beautiful, luxurious and classy then you might want to consider having your ceremony on a yacht.

Bruno Schwarz, owner of Aolani Cat Cruises of San Diego, CA, has helped hundreds of couples get married at sea.

?It?s a once in a lifetime unforgettable event.? Says Bruno. ?People tell us that this was the best wedding they have ever been to.?

During his many wedding cruises, Bruno and his guests have seen dolphins and whales during ceremonies. Whales are generally seen in the winter, dolphins and sea lions may be seen all year.

Many people like to have their wedding at Sunset, which is usually a great time to perform the ceremony. If desired, the captain of the ship can perform the ceremony.

You and your guests will have a memorable experience sailing on the water. A good wedding yacht will be powered by sails rather then a powerboat where you hear the big diesel engine noise and smell the burning fuel exhaust.

His boat lets you be outside or go inside a big salon with 360-degree views to escape the ?elements? if it?s rainy, cold, windy or foggy where you find seating for 30 guests. On many regular sailboats everything takes place above deck with a small room below and only small portholes.

The yacht has a flat TV Screen and BOSE surround system in and around the outside of the boat. People can bring their own ipod and his systems can support the audio or video.

Bruno?s yacht can accommodate up to 49 guests. More can stand on the dock if you want to be married in front of the Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel and Marina, which is a very nice backdrop.

People can supply their own catering and music or it can be supplied by Bruno. The yacht can also be decorated with fresh cut flowers.

You can get some nice wedding party photos of the yacht from a photographer in the dingy approximately 100 or 200 ft away from the boat. These can be taken with different beautiful backdrops like a beach cove or an old lighthouse or in front of a historic sailboat.

Bruno says that no bride has ever fallen in the water or been lost at sea.

About the author: Rob Cross is a writer for More information can be found regarding wedding cruises in the San Diego area by going to

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