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Life After the Wedding: Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

Once the caterers have left, guests have said their goodbyes and the cake has been reduced to crumbs, its time for the most exciting part of the wedding the honeymoon! Try not to stress about this part of the wedding - chances that youve already stressed yourself out to the max during the wedding preparations. The honeymoon offers the two of you a chance to unwind from the madness of the wedding, as well as sealing your newly forged bond.

Whatever the honeymoon getaway you have in mind, make sure your spouse shares your enthusiasm for it. Theres no point in a honeymoon that leaves one person feeling flustered because he didnt really want a beachside honeymoon - its a bad start to the wedding. Make a list of possible places, and sit down with your partner. Give yourselves a chance to avoid destinations that dont excite you feel free to be frank if a particular spot seems drab or boring.

As far as destinations go, the world is your oyster. You can choose from beach destinations, hillsides and countryside retreats, cultural cities like Paris and Rome to romantic getaways like Venice. If the two of you share a passion for adventure, choose from bungee jumping holidays, swimming-with-the-sharks packages, and other daredevil adventures.

For those on a budget, an all inclusive holiday package might be the best deal. These all inclusives will take a lot of the hassle of planning a honeymoon off your hands. All you have to do is show up with as smile. Activities will include enough sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and paragliding to last a lifetime. With all amenities including food and nightlife within the resort, youre allowed a lot of time to yourselves, which is what a honeymoon should be about.

While booking your package, ask your travel agent if there are any off season packages available. These are always cheaper, and you could find yourself in an exotic destination of your dreams, and all within your budget. Countries in Asia like Thailand and Indonesia have beautiful honeymoon spots that dont cost a bomb. Your budget will allow for a trip to exotic lands, couples spa massages, exotic entertainment, delicious cuisine, thumping nightlife and tons of shopping at low prices.

If youre heading abroad for your honeymoon, dont forget your travel insurance. It seems uncomfortable to think of theft or accidents on honeymoon, but insurance will help cover the worst of scenarios if they occur.

This author lives in Flemington, NJ with her husband and 5 month old daughter and is an expert contributing author for a luxury wedding favors boutique offering variety of beach wedding favors, destination wedding favors . This author and is also dedicated to providing valuable and informative articles on wedding planning, wedding party ideas, wedding dresses styles and wedding etiquette.

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Tips For Planning The Ultimate Outdoor Wedding
Planning an outdoor wedding can be very entertaining. Unfortunately it can also be a very uncertain business. The elements can conspire to soak or bake your wedding respectively; swarms of locusts could descend upon the bridesmaids; or it could just plain be too windy.

Beginning Photography Tips, Buying A Digital Camera
The different variety of cameras that are in use these days, range from the normal manual camera, to the automatic camera and to the digital camera And the best place to find all of these is in the range of Canon digital camera models which are available on the market today

Using Digital Photography Software
If your hobby is digital photography, or if this is your business and line of work, you might have noticed that even the best photographs and most talented of photographers is going to need some help with touch-ups and corrections In the "old days" when film was used, photographers would spend time in the darkroom manipulating their photos manually; today photographers of course use digital photography software to help them improve and correct problems with their photos

Christmas Wedding Favor Ideas
Many couples choose to get married during the holiday season. Typically churces and other areas are already decorated for the season, and their guests are already in a festive spirit. Wedding colors of red and green are easy to use, and big beautiful Christmas trees can make a great backdrop for pictures. And so, in keeping with the Christmas spirit, here are some great ideas for Christmas wedding favors with a festive flair that your guests will really appreciate. Homemade wedding favors are still popular, and with a Christmas theme, ther e are a lot of ideas to choose from.

Black Hills Gold Wedding Ring - A Buying Guide
Black Hills Gold Wedding Ring - A Guide to Everything That You Need To Know

Lessons from the Wedding Mafia
One of my clients shared a story with me from his networking group, a chapter of BNI. Ivan Misner, the creator of BNI talks about what he calls "contact spheres".

Travel Photography Guidelines
Have you ever been traveling and took many pictures? Have you ever came back and look and you pictures to find out they were all blurry and ugly? This used to happen to me all the time. Id preview my images in the little LCD screen and then when I downloaded them onto my computer Id notice that they were all blurred and not sharp at all. Many different factors come to play when taking travel photos.

Photography Courses Online
There are also some excellent online courses available and some of them are free, just type "Photography free online courses" into your search engine. Morguefile is an example they offer sound technical advice on a variety of subjects, as well as aspects of types of photography, it is a good point to start with, showing the resources Jodie Coston, a freelance photographer, has made available online, after a series of classes she gave.

Wedding Favor Retailer Makes It Easy to be Green in 2008
Favor Creative continues its expansion of eco-friendly gifts and favors that are ideal for green weddings, showers and other events. The company is also incorporating its packaging into its quest to be more earth conscious.

1st Green Wedding Expo Spotlights Mexican Eco-Resort
To help drive the green craze from trend to lifestyle, the Haute Wedding Event welcomes eco-conscious brides-to-be and their grooms to the Bentley Reserve in San Francisco on March 9 -10, 2008. Dubbed as the first wedding event that is green and carbon-neutral, Paraiso de la Bonita Resort, a hotel in the World Heritage-rich Yucatan Peninsula, is the top-ticket honeymoon prize for the event's Green Silent Auction.

Pictage and The Wedding Report Team Up to Deliver Wedding Photographers an Unprecedented Level of Market Research
Pictage, the wedding photography industry leader in online image hosting, printing, sales and service solutions, has partnered with wedding market research aggregator, The Wedding Report. Together, they will offer Pictage members comprehensive data about their markets, to assist in building business marketing strategies and pricing decisions.

Essential Advice for Your Wedding Day
You've been engaged for months, you've made it through planning the ceremony, the attire, the reception, the honeymoon, and you haven't killed each other yet. The worst is over.

TheRoseDress.Com Adds New Prom Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, and Wedding Dresses
TheRoseDress.Com has added 2007collection of Prom Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Dresses, including collection from Alyce Designs, Dessy, Faviana, Precious Formals.

Digital Photography Classes
Anyone who wants to learn how to be a photographer doesn?t have to enroll for many years to get a degree. There are colleges who offer this as one of the subjects which the student may take as an elective. Can you still learn how to be a photographer being out of school for many years? The answer is yes. The only thing needed is your dedication to learn from the proper techniques and a camera to take some shots.

Wedding Films...
A Wedding video is such a precious keep sake Could you imagine having your mothers footage of her Wedding or even your Grandmothers

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