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A Promise of love with Irish wedding rings

Wedding is the most special day in ones life and all of us seek to make it as memorable as possible. And if you are one of those couples who have decided to tie the knot, you must be looking for wedding rings that truly symbolize your love and commitment to your partner. In such a case, it is advisable for you to go for the traditional Irish Wedding rings, which is seeped in the rich Irish culture and eloquently symbolizes your deep love for your beloved.

The most popular type of Irish wedding ring is the Claddagh ring, which shows a heart cocooned between two clasping hands, with a crown surmounted on top. The heart symbolizes love, the hands symbolize friendship and the crown symbolizes the loyalty between the couple. When the couple exchanges the Claddagh rings, they are echoing the sentiments behind its origin-With these hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my love. Celtic Wedding rings, with their inter woven knots, having no beginning and no end represents the eternal and everlasting love and commitment between the couple. The Trinity Wedding Ring has a knot work pattern of three strings, symbolizing the Holy Trinity, and is usually worn by the newly wedded couple to seek the blessings of the holy Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Other types Of Irish wedding rings have various Celtic Designs like the spirals, the shamrock, the Celtic tree of life etc. etched on them. The couple may choose to have a simple ring made of metals like gold, silver or platinum; or they may choose to have exquisite gems like emeralds, sapphires or rubies incorporated in their rings. Depending on the complication of the design, the Irish wedding ring may have intricately strands of metals weaved in, or may have the patterns etched or engraved on the rings.

The wedding ring may cost anything from $100 to $2000 depending on many factors like the width of the ring, the design, the kind of gemstones used etc. Irish wedding rings can be purchased from the neighborhood jeweler in Ireland, or can be ordered online from the many online stores available. So show your love for each other by exchanging the mystical and mesmerizing Irish wedding rings and make your marriage a truly memorable experience.

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