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How To Choose a Great Wedding Caketopper Design

Let us explain first what a wedding caketopper is: it is usually a figurine or set of figurines which are placed on top of the wedding cake and which may be given away as keepsakes to the wedding party guests. However, there are now new types of wedding caketopper designs available because some people want their wedding to be a bit more unique than others.

For instance, the wedding caketopper could be a glass paperweight engraved with the wedding couple?s first names or nicknames. Or it could be a ceramic fantasy castle, for those inclined for such things. You might even have your wedding caketopper made to resemble two elegant swans in a loving embrace to represent the relationship of the couple to be wedded. There is literally no limit to what your wedding caketopper can be made to look like ? and if people find your choice of design odd, well, you don?t get married everyday so go for it anyway. At least your wedding caketopper will be unique.

Though most people would still want the traditional bride-and-groom wedding caketopper set, you can depart from the ordinary and create mix-and-match pieces that will bring a smile to the faces of those receiving these as keepsakes. For example, you can have a traditional bride figurine made but the groom could be dressed in a sports uniform such as maybe a football uniform (to reflect his passion for sports.) This means people will definitely give your wedding cake a second look during the wedding reception and maybe even take pictures of the cake and wedding caketopper to remember the event by. It also tells people more about you as a couple.

The more original and unique your wedding caketopper is, the higher the price set for it will probably be because the manufacturer has to either get an artist who can express what you want in your 3-D figurine; use special manufacturing processes and materials to custom-produce your special wedding caketopper; and because it is not very likely your wedding party who will receive the mass produced items will be of sufficient numbers to drive down costs. Think about it: how many weddings do you know that have even 1,000 guests in the wedding party? Not very many right? Yet the more people who will receive the wedding caketopper keepsakes are around, the more the manufacturer can afford to lower or spread around the costs of making the wedding caketopper series you ordered.

You should have a wedding caketopper designed that is in good taste, as much as possible, especially if you will be giving out such keepsakes to a lot of people. This is to avoid any particular guest being offended by your wedding caketopper or feeling puzzled as to why such a design was chosen. For instance, some people like toilet humor for their wedding caketopper theme but for some guests that might be too crude for their taste. It is generally diplomatic to use a wedding caketopper theme that you know fits the values of most if not all of your guests. It helps to avoid issues and hurt feelings from developing.

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