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Discount Wedding Invitations - Easy Option For Saving Money

Every bride and groom want the occasion of their wedding to be an absolutely special and beautiful memory. If you are currently planning your wedding day it is highly likely that you and your partner will be spending a small fortune on getting all the little things right. There are a number of ways that you can be thrifty with your budget and organizing the printing of discount wedding invitations is a perfect place to start.

It is possible to get your discount wedding invitations from a variety of sources and in a number of different ways, however, we will share with you some tried and true options that reduce the risk of getting the wrong invitations or getting them too late. Remember you need to start thinking about the printing of your invitations at least three months prior to when you intend sending them out. The reason you need this fairly long lead-time is as your ?insurance? against anything going wrong.

You have to remember that the printing company you use know that printing the discount wedding invitations is a once off job, so in reality they probably will not treat you as well as a customer for whom they will possibly be doing more work in the future. Bearing this in mind, and not wanting your print job to be put at the bottom of the pile, it is important that you stay in regular contact with the printer. By staying in touch you can get regular updates as to when the job of printing your discount wedding invitations is likely to be finished. The fact that the invitations are being provided at a discount cost does not diminish your rights as a consumer and you should still expect to get what you paid for.

If possible the best way to source discount wedding invitations is to use any connections your family and friends might have with printers. The majority of printers rely on referrals and return business as a major source of income for their businesses. As with any business their philosophy is that if they do a good job for you then the chances are high that you too will recommend them to your own contacts.

Even though you may have been referred to the printer by a family member or friend you should always double check their price for your discount wedding invitations by getting quotes from other print suppliers. Take the time to do this to ensure that you are receiving a true discount.

Another great option is to go online to get source your invitations. To tell you the truth you will be absolutely amazed at the number of printing companies who offer their services through their own website or via eBay. There are just a few things you have to remember when dealing with online print suppliers.

* Stay in constant contact to make sure your order is being done in a timely manner.

* Don't rely purely on contact via email - make sure that they have a telephone number so that you can contact them via phone if necessary.

* If you decide to proceed with one of the Printers who are advertising their services via eBay, then never do business with anyone who has a bad eBay feedback rating. Usually a rating of below 95% of positive feedbacks should ring alarm bells and you should completely avoid them.

* Request a proof copy be emailed to your prior to the commencement of printing.

Always give the discount printer a lot of time in case there are delays in getting you the invitations or, in the worst case scenario, that they make a mistake. If they do make a mistake you want to have enough time for the problem to be rectified. Remember to allow yourself plenty of time and order your discount wedding invitations at least three months prior to sending them out.

For tips on sourcing discount wedding invitations and advice on wedding planning, etiquette, customs and traditions visit

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