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Unusual wedding cakes

Usually engaged couples just have a nice, customary wedding, with a white gown, customary wedding cake, and everything is very beautiful, but nice and customary. Other brides and grooms however, are a little unique, and they prefer to share their distinctiveness through their weddings. But there aren't many ways to be unique in your ceremony. You really only have the choice of a unique dress or a unique cake, and many people opt to show their abnormality through having a significantly unique ceremony cake. If you truly desire your ceremony cake to say something unique, and you truly need to have something at your ceremony that your guests will talk about for years to come, you should think about some of these unique ceremony cakes for inspiration.

Actor Blair Underwood had an unusually unique ceremony cake at his ceremony. It was a likeness of the Eiffel tower! It was a six and a half foot replica, with real lights through the whole the tower. This cake has got to be one of the most, if not the most unique ceremony cake in the world today. I can only imagine the the scale of work and detail it took to create it.

One bride and groom had a square ceremony cake that had two swans swimming on a pond on top of it, all made out of icing. It was a fabulously detailed cake, with ribbons and flowers adorning it as well. However, it was only one layer, so many brides and grooms may not desire a cake like this.

Another unique ceremony cake one bride and groom had was a "Shrek" cake. This bride and groom must have been adoring fans of the movie, because their cake was all about the characters, including the Shrek and Princess Fiona sculptures on top of the cake! This ceremony cake had two layers, and on the bottom layer had a design of Donkey and the dragon, the other couple in the Shrek movies!

I have also witnessed some highly unique "box" ceremony cakes. Not that they were box-like; one of these ceremony cakes was a three layered cake, and each of the layers was decorated like a different gift, complete with bows. Another bride and groom had a cake that was shaped and incredibly designed as an open hat box, with flowers bursting out of it.

One of the most unique ceremony cakes that I have witnessed has to be a Chinese ceremony cake. It was a three layered red cake, crafted with the most elaborate detail and elaborate icing flowers. Another unique ceremony cake one bride and groom had was a Phantom of the Opera ceremony cake. This one was comprised of simply one layer, and it was white, black and red, with the white mask sitting on top of black icing, and a red icing "cloth" hung over it.

Another unique and infrequently used ceremony cake idea is a cupcake wedding cake. All that is required is to buy a cupcake tree and bake and decorate cupcakes to put on it.

Rev. John Souter is the founder and main minister for Maui Me(R) Inc., a Maui Wedding company. Over the course of the last nine years, he has performed hundreds of Maui weddings. He can be reached at Maui Weddings or by calling him on his toll free number: 1-800-856-3270.

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