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How Wedding Planning Can Stress Your Relationship

Last year, when I first told my friend that I was getting married, she said "Enjoy the planning process!" I thought it was going to be fun preparing for the wedding, but hey, I found it was not exactly true. Eventually our excitement faded and everyday into the preparations, the stress just added up!

Sometimes, we hear couples happily announcing their upcoming wedding only to find out that halfway they have gone their separate ways. It is a sad thing to hear, but we can fully understand what happened as wedding preparations can really burn one out! To us, it was worse than having to sit for two exams in a day. These are typical reasons how preparing for your wedding can really affect your relationship, be really careful not to tread on them.

Own Expectations Of Wedding

Every bride has her own expectation of how her wedding should be like. Often as little girls, we would have dreamt of how romantic and perfect it should turn out to be, just like many fairytale weddings we have seen on TV. Being a typical guy, your future hubby might not have the same take towards this. To him, he might not understand why you insist on recreating the "dream wedding" as it may make the preparations more complicated. If both parties have very different expectations, this will cause a lot of friction in the long run. If you find yourself in this situation very early in the preparation stage, try to come to a compromise as soon as you can.

Wedding Stuff

There are lots to do for a wedding and many decisions to make. If both parties cannot agree on everything, it naturally creates frustration and unhappiness. For example, you may like a certain gown design but he doesn't. You would like to spend more on decor for the venue, but he feels it is not necessary. This is very common and it is also something both of you have to work around with.

External Stress (Work)

Usually both of you will be juggling work and wedding preparations at the same time. If your work nature is very demanding, it can tire you out physically and mentally. This gets worse if your other half is equally overworked. Both of you become more short-tempered and any little thing will easily spark an argument. Do not allow this to happen too often though as it can really hurt a relationship. Try to take your mind off wedding preparations for a while and do something both of you enjoy.

Expectations from Others

Sometimes, concerned family members might impose rules of what should be done and what cannot be done. Your mum might want something done this way, while his mum has another opinion of her own. Both of you are caught in a situation where you have to satisfy both parties. How are you able to manage so many different expectations? At times, such expectations only add stress to the couple and pull them apart.

Of course, if both of you can manage all these well, your relationship will come out stronger than before. Just remember, you are not the only couple in the world who is caught in this web of wedding stress! But most couples make it and I'm sure you will too!

Angela is an active love coach in her community and a content writer for a wedding blog. Are you lacking that spark in your love life? Grab more tips on how to romance your partner at!

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