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Designer Inspired Wedding Veils Made for a Fraction of Cost by Wedding Veil Company

Los Angeles (PRWEB) May 2, 2008 -- Wedding Veils Etc Company creates designer inspired wedding veils for up to 70% less cost. The Los Angeles based company creates custom made wedding veils with a four week lead time and starts from relatively low price of $90.

The company's target market are the brides who want specific custom veils to match their wedding dresses, the ones who have their hearts set on designer veils priced in the thousand dollar range, or brides who cannot find anything on the market and choose to design their wedding veils themselves.

The process of obtaining a custom wedding veil is this: a bride sends pictures of their dress (sample fabric swatch, while helpful, is not necessary) and their desired veil length, color and design. The company creates a sketch of the design and sends it to the bride for approval. The bride approves or creates adjustments as necessary. The bride receives her veil within 4-6 weeks after design approval.

"My veil comes out to be so wonderful, the quality is on par with the veils sold for at least ten times the cost I paid for it. My maid of honor was so impressed with my veil, she's now ordering one for her upcoming wedding as well," says Maggie Wilson, who orders a cathedral length custom veil with alencon lace edging for her church wedding ceremony. She loves a lace cathedral veil but is reluctant to pay $800, so she resorts to Wedding Veils Etc, who creates one for $280, tax and shipping included.

The online-based Wedding Veils Etc Company designs, creates and sells wedding veils all over the world. The key to their success is using quality material (high quality laces and soft flowing tulle instead of stiff, shiny looking bridal illusion), fast turnaround and great customer service. The company was founded in 2006 selling wedding veils and other wedding items on its website, The company quickly found out that many of the brides were asking veils in different designs and launched custom made veil service afterwards. The company sold a modest number of custom veils in its first quarter of operation but the number keeps growing as more satisfied customers recommend their company to new brides-to-be.

The company strives to provide good products at good values, therefore all custom wedding veil prices include free shipping.

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This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.
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