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Top Honeymoon Travel and Destination Wedding Specialists Partner with Major Honeymoon Website

Corona, CA (Vocus) May 1, 2008 -- Honeymooners Review Guide (, which offers couples online access to 350+ planning pages of tips, articles, ideas on romance, destinations, and a 3000+ top resort finder database, has added direct access to a select few honeymoon travel and destination wedding specialists.

"Honeymoon travel and destination wedding specialists ( will add additional expertise and resources to Honeymooner's Review Guide," according to Michelle McKenzie, Vice-President.

The website, which provides extensive planning tools for honeymoons and destination weddings, is not a travel agency and does not sell travel products. The website has 350 pages of honeymoon planning tips, articles, destinations, romantic ideas, trip reviews, and a data base of over 3,000 select resorts easily assessed through its resort finder by budget, location and amenities.

"Now couples really never need to leave our site to accomplish their entire honeymoon or destination wedding planning ( until they book their vacation directly with a resort or through one of our travel specialists," added Ron Haller, President. Haller stated that, "Very careful consideration was given to inviting only those professional travel agencies who specialize in this field and have a proven ability and track record of service excellence and customer satisfaction."

The travel specialists ( focus on romantic and adventure travel, and exotic destinations and are listed according to destination location. Most have advanced professional certifications and/or years of experience in their fields.

McKenzie added that, "If a couple wants a truly incredible honeymoon or destination wedding and the peace of mind knowing that a honeymoon disaster is not looming in the future, they would be wise to do their research well, seek out those who have experience, and plan carefully well in advance. That is why Honeymooner's Review Guide was created, and we are pledged to provide the very best in honeymoon planning and travel. We survey honeymooners and have heard far too many stories of disaster from couples who failed to do so, used a generic mass internet travel company, and may have managed to save $50 or $100."

The new honeymoon and destination wedding partners are:

* Distinctive Honeymoons

* All About Honeymoons

* Explorient Travel Services

* Pacific For Less

* Tahiti Travel

* Lost World Adventures

* New Horizons Travel

Asked if they ever add new travel partners, Haller responded that they do, but they are very select and limit the number in any one area of specialty. New resorts are added all the time, but they must meet quality standards. If they develop a track record based on returning couples reviews, these are posted. Also, a new Choice Awards designation has been developed for the highest level of excellence based upon reviews and a personal on-site evaluation visit by staff.

Contact info:

Michelle McKenzie


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