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GDDG Photography Ventures into Partnering Artwork With a Company that Appreciates art

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 1, 2008 -- Part two of GDDG Photography's reconciliation series is utilizing, as the component of the reconciliation series, the photographs from Genèse's February beauty photo shoot. "The series speaks completely beyond its composition such that having it only as a photograph is insufficient. I want the audience to always feel harmoniously in it," says Genèse Dabady, founder / photographer of GDDG Photography. "I am venturing into partnering my artwork with an edgy, independent, and confident company that appreciates art. The reconciliation series is approximately 42 photographs. The second part is 13 photographs. The reconciliation series captures the effect in dealing with failure."

GDDG Photography three portfolios capture its essence:

LUST: The poignant in-your-face beauty and fashion photographs capture the blending of dramatic shadows to intense longing emotions. The authentication and fabrication series is within the lust portfolio

STREET LIFE: The landscape and abstract photographs illustrate the vivid manipulative shadow capturing and camera composition works of Genèse. The running, searching, stopping series is with the street life portfolio

ONE: The beauty photographs capture the broad range of shadows, emotions, poses, and camera compositions of Genèse. The reconciliation series is with the one portfolio

About GDDG Photography and Photographer

GDDG Photography (pronounced G- 'DDG) specializes in captivating, abstractive, manipulative, black and white landscape, beauty, fashion, abstract photographs. With the use of lighting and emotion, GDDG Photography creates dramatic thought-evoking photographs. Photographer uses film; she develops and prints all photographs in a darkroom

Genèse Dabady specializes in black and white landscape, beauty, fashion, abstract photographs. Genèse uses lighting, styling and life's inspiration to create genuine expression snapshots that evoke emotion, create an ambiance connection, and stimulate an appreciation for the imagery of black and white photography

GDDG Photography contact for employment and / or inquiries

Genèse Dabady, Founder / Photographer

Tel) 917.279.7990Fax) 917.591.6685



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